GEET Training - Bubbler Lid

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In this video I explain how a bubbler is built and what it is used for. Also explained are a couple other bubbler lid configurations that others have done.

This was my 2.5 hp Water Pump that I retrofitted to be a demo unit. Notice the bubbler to the right.
Engine w Reactor.JPG

Here is the basic setup of a horizontal reactor with the bubbler. With this picture I was able to build a GEET unit in a couple hours with minimal tools and parts.

Training Video:

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wow. someone resteemed you, glad i found. followed. paul pantone RIP
Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.05.06 PM.png

Thank you for finding and following. Its been hard without Paul. With this technology his name and vision will live on.

Those are some pretty sweet spoons bro

its works ...great @geetrofits

Have you built a GEET system? If you have please share your pictures! We love to see how they put a reactor on the engines they are retrofitting. Cheers!

Nice bro

Nice post to learn.

I had no idea what a GeeT was until I saw your post, them did some following up. Thanks for introducing me to it.

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A very inspiring job, success for you.
let me follow you