GEET Training- Air Intake Build / Reactor Refresher

in geet •  2 years ago 

Tonight I put together this brief video to explain how the Air Intake is put together. As I was converting the file, it dawned on me that the training is so much easier if I just show you my first build.

So, with this video and my personal pictures, I think you will get a solid understanding of the build in general.

Your feedback is welcome. Share my GEET Friends Share!


A GEET reactor installed on Paul's ride on mower. Notice how the Air Intake is connected to the reactor.

Air Intake Build Video:

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we got one of those

she spins like a top!

THIS IS AWESOME!!! Take some video of your rig and share it. Your bubbler is looking to be a super clean setup. Well done, well done indeed.

Good post, what is your processed water pump

I am not understanding your question.

GEET is a mini fuel refinement system. It takes junk fuels and allows them to be used with a massive reduction in pollution and up to 50% better economy.

Yes yes yes, you have a very clear thinking, good luck.

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