Aggroed and R0nd0n explore a GEET engine running on a gasoline and water mix with Remy and look to next steps!

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On the Minnow Mayor Town Hall I invited David Pantone and Remy Marco to speak about a "GEET" engine. The claims of the GEET engine are:

  1. It creates a high temperature front and a low temperature front
  2. Those fronts meet at a metal or glass rod
  3. The rod ionizes essentially from static electricity
  4. The fuel mixture running over the ionized rod will create a plasma and the fuel undergoes electrolysis. In the case of water it creates hydrogen gas.
  5. The standard internal combustion engine burns some combination of gasoline vapors, hydrogen gas, and oxygen.

I was convinced enough to try some more experiments

From what I saw and heard I am convinced enough to buy a generator, put it on my property, and try to measure efficiency, fuel use, output, and other metrics.

The main thing I heard that convinced me was how when there was an electric draw on the RV I could hear the generator react. Both R0n and I were convinced the RV was pulling a load on the generator.

The main thing I saw that convinced me was after he took the rod out of the GEET engine the rod displayed some truly bizarre magnetic behavior. I can't underscore this enough. It was bizarre! He took the rod out and the rod was ionized. You can tell because a compass would realign to face N or S depending on which pole of the rod he was measuring. That's weird because there's nothing about combustion that would make me think it would ionize a rod. More importantly though is that the magnetic properties of the rod were weird. The part of the rod furtherst from the Earth was the North pole. If he flipped the rod upside down the pole of the rod shifted. That's weird!

Magnetic pole shifts like that aren't normal

Consider a big red horseshoe magnet for a second. The orientation to the earth doesn't change which pole is which. I can move it however and those atoms are locked in place. The field around the magnet changes as I rotate it, but the North Pole and South Pole don't just switch sides. The pole on this rod changed due to orientation to the earth.

I'm not sure what causes that. I don't think I've ever seen that behavior before. It was much less prevalent on the glass rod than on the metal rod, but if you squint it might be present. Tough to know from one short test. As a chemist I can't think of what would cause this. My best guess is that there are particles on the surface of the rod that get ionized and are mobile. Presumably the negative ones are slightly heavier and when the rod is rotated they move towards the bottom of the rod and the electrostatic interactions push the positive ones up. I don't know that for sure, but that would be my leading hypothesis because I don't know of other rigid metal magnets that are able to switch poles by changing orientation to the Earth.

I don't think things that gets ionized from static electricity will usually have a rotating pole like this. I have more research to do.

So, the plan:

R0n is an electrician and we'll work to hook up an external generator to my house. Remy will modify that generator using a couple hundred bucks worth of parts from a machine shop and Home Depot to convert it to a GEET engine. We'll either run a separate load of some heaters and ASIC miners to test it or we'll run the house on the generator. I'll try to measure the amount of fuel consumed and see if I can get a baseline of information. Then we'll get Remy to GEET 'er done and measure the delta in performance and consumption.

The most likely worst case scenario is I have a new generator that I just took out of warranty (which maybe means I should try to find an old generator off of Craig's list) by modifying it. Best case scenario I help spread a technology that converts water into electricity using fairly inexpensive equipment and cheap fuel.

We'll see?!?!?!?!?

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It was a pleasure to have you here for this demonstration of the GEET unit on a generator. Thank you for bringing your crew to see it run and to take some measurements. David (@geetinstitute, @davidpantone) and I are looking forward to working with you and getting a genset up and running at your place!

Glad to see your achievement.I don't have enough knowledge in the engineering but I always admired the creative people above.

Thank you @aggroed and @r0nd0n for exploring the Geet technology. Its very interesting and the magnetized rod is peculiar. However, I saw a lot of fuel poured into that jar and probably less than 8 ounces of water and HI-C (the addition of Hi-C, Pepsi or Urine etc is nothing more than a parlor trick meant to distract from the minimal amount of additional liquid they are adding to the fuel). The fuel mixture (looked about 5 to 1) should be done with clear measuring cups so a quantifiable assessment can be made. I'm guessing that a small percentage of water and sugar in a bubbler filled with fuel has a negligible effect on an engine and fuel efficiency. I hope I'm wrong but nothing in this experiment makes me believe that you can save money on fuel with a Geet modified generator. @aggroed definitely go with the used generator from Craig's List.

That's one big RV. Great vids, had fun watching it. Great to see Aggroed as well. At least put some popcorn in that Microwave, R0ndon _

Interesting indeed, looking forward to reading your results. a GEET engine you say, hmm very interesting.

That's awesome, am curious about magnetism and electricity specifically because they help humanity came out with such a grat things like MRI, I heard that too many companies work on this project (converts water into electricity) we don't have to pay tons of money for electricity to light our lives it's a free energy peace upon Nikola Tesla but just like everything in this world business is everywhere and we got nothing for free but the future is brighter I believe in the world of cryprocurrencies and solar energy, virtual reality and AI .
the great is yet to come @aggroed

I’ve seen these videos around before. They are compelling. And I’ve also seen vids that claim it’s a scam. It’s got my curiosity piqued.

I will be following your progress. I have a few motors lying around I could try this with. Would love to put it in a bike and see what happens.

You guys are doing an amazing job. I Iove reading about researches on free energy and I'll definitely read more on this.

Thanks for sharing was transpired at the Minnow Mayor Town Hall.

Happy Steeming

Great video, good job, u have my vote ;)

Mehnn.. That's some really deep engineering there..nice onee

Wow, thumbs up on your achievement, necessity day say is the mother of inventions. We need more brains like you

Really amazing. I can't repeat it, but it's really cool things. Maybe I'll ask the engineers to help me to repeat this. Many thanks and please continue in the same spirit!

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I think we should look into the basic knowledge of ionization and approach it. Because ionization becomes unsafe when it occurs, explanation of it is necessary.

thats the invention we need...

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nice post

a pretty challenging study, continue your scenario, good luck.thank you.

Good post amazing job

nice video, thanks for sharing..


Can't wait to see the results of some more tests! I have an older generator in storage but I haven't got around to trying the "geet engine" mod myself, yet. I have been looking into these topics off/on for almost a decade and ever since I started messing around with what is called a 'rotoverter' (basically a 3 phase 460v motor running on household 120v using start and run caps) and after enough tinkering, checking the input watts, rpm's, etc, it was finally enough to make me question a LOT of what I was taught back in Engineering School.
TOO MANY otherwise intelligent people are so quick to dismiss this as quackery and yell out "but muh science books and professors tell me this isn't possible... blah blah" without ever just trying to build and/or test what they claim to dismiss "isn't possible".
Keep up the good work!

Give'r a go!!!

Best case scenario I help spread a technology that converts water into electricity using fairly inexpensive equipment and cheap fuel.

Ok, this has to be one of the most interesting things I've found today on this platform!

Can't wait to see the results. Thank you for sharing!

Have you considered how the exhaust fumes would be?
And then, the consumption rate of the fuel

If both are better than regular getting Generators, then you're good to go.
Keep us posted

Esto es muy bueno!


Well, here we go. I am really glad to see this post, I'm getting more and more curious. As opposed to curiouser and curiouser :)

The magnetic effects could and should be explained by the piston going up and down in the cylinder. Instead of a horseshoe magnet, envision a bar magnet. I'd be interested in how strong and how long does it last.

Really looking forward to the next report. Thanks for taking the time to check this out for us.

I don't really understand where the 'free energy' idea comes from. But please don't get me wrong, I'm very intrigued and would like to further understand a geet engine. I am also very appreciative of your content and will be following. But I also believe that it's smart to question everything.

"science never solves a problem without creating ten more"

Wow great job guys...cant wait to see the final outcome of your work, maybe we call it #Steemgeet engine at the end of the day

The world keeps growing

Swapping ends on the magnetic field is wild, but in reality a regular Iron Rod does this all the time, aligns to the Earth's field. It just does not become strongly magnetic in the process. Must be something from the "break-in" procedure, maybe the iron is becoming more diamagnetic like Copper and Silver. But those metals don't exhibit that property either...

he seemed like a nice guy but it didn't seem like it worked and those ball compasses are terrible, those things never work right. It was basically a remote gas tank, he proved an engine will run for a bit and then die when you turn the microwave on with a shitty fuel mix, then he poured more gas in. If there was plasma being formed in that plumbing it would burn any fuel that it hit it well before that fuel could get to the engine to combust and of course it would melt rolled steel.

Unlike the other three states, solid, liquid, and gas, plasma does not exist freely on the Earth's surface under normal conditions, and can only be artificially generated by heating or subjecting a neutral gas to a strong electromagnetic field to the point an ionised gaseous substance becomes increasingly electrically conductive, and long-range electromagnetic fields dominate the behavior of the matter.

if exhaust gases where hot enough to generate plasma we would all have plasma shooting out the tailpipe.

AGGRO-ED Baby! If you love the G.E.E.T. you will really love what I am working on, Ask your boi @r0nd0n about Electrical Over Unity ;)
I have a device I call the STG or


which means it takes the concept of the Tesla Switch and isolates it, amplifies it and collects the results. My version 3.1 was so powerful it boiled the acid out of ~500 AH of car batteries with a 60W AC input! The statement is technically correct, but a bit misleading. Lots of 'Splainin' to do, Lucy ;)

Shit, I’m scared and amazed. Could this be true?

This is awesome. I wish I paid more attention in Chemistry and Physics class so I could understand the science a little better, but I do agree it is odd to have a polar magnetic shift in a sold object. Is the rod truly a solid piece of the same metal? Sometimes rods have a different metal in the center, but not sure if that would effect it.

Anyway, your project sounds awesome. I believe that someday, we will be able to produce truly clean energy using scientific discoveries and I love the people who continue experimenting and trying to improve our way of life.

It's a solid chunk of steel

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