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RE: Batman Concept Art-Geeky Pastime Creation

in #geek3 years ago

My pastime is reading other people's posts on steemit, upvoting and commenting on ones I like and where I have established some kind of connection with the authors. I also look at new authors I don't yet know from time to time.

It is a reasonably lucrative pastime too!


A very wise pastime for more intelligent and cultured people such as yourself @onceuponatime, one that pays too.
Thanks for your comment and upvote;)

How did you know that flattery is the wind beneath my wings? :-)

Cause stories about flattery-loving nobles always start with "once upon a time".
Was I right in making that connection?

You were born right - and it has only been onwards and upwards since then.

(But "once upon a time" is more than is dreamt of in your philosophy :-)

I strongly agree with your comments, by reading we can find out what our friends post here, knowing nature in the area of ​​other friends, I am from Aceh. @onceuponatime

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