Our Dream Cars

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It was an ordinary weekend it was raining so I was inside as usual playing video games, I didn't think much about it at the time but I got a call from my grandfather, It started out like most of our calls asking each other how we were doing but I wasn't expecting him the start crying when I asked him what happened during the week. It took a few minute to calm him down so he could tell me what happened, he told me my god father (his best friend) died in his sleep, he was 86 but you wouldn't have thought he was on his last few years, he would always be energetic and up to entertain because he never really had a family of his own. He was so thrilled when he heard i was born with my twin brother and that he would be our godfather.To think he was out of our life was horrible but we were glad it was a peaceful way to go.

After everything was said and done we went to his house to go through some old files and clear the place out for sale. Well we were cleaning we found the safe key in his bed side table and decides to see what was inside. To my surprise it was a credit card and a letter. It was a strange thing to keep locked away but i started to read the letter anyway.

Dear Theo

I hope you well even tho you reading this means I am most likely gone,
It will hurt at first but in time it shall pass I don't want you to be sad and
let that be my remembrance. So I'm sure you would have noticed the
card i have hidden in the safe, I was never a big spender and started
a secret account for you and your brother. Knowing you would use it
and enjoy it more then me, there is quite a bit of money on that card
for you two to do with as you wish. I don't want you to tell anyone else
outside of the family circle the pin is *****. Now go have fun seeing
that you are a millionaire now.

Sincerely G

I took the card and stuffed the letter in my pocket, that evening I told my brother everything but he didn't believe me so I gave him the letter and the card, he asked me if i checked the card because for all we it was another one of his pranks, i decided we would check in the morning if the card was real and that the money was there, to my surprise it was i even used it to buy stuff at the mall. We had a long talk trying to figure out what to do with it, I immediately thought about using it for a family get away, my brother couldn't any qualms with that plan as long as I gave him some money for video games, I spent the next week researching places and finding fun stuff for all of us to do, I even called my sister to see if she was free luckily she was the best part was she didn't fight with us about paying for her.

After holding a group discussion we started packing even if we left stuff behind we could buy it on the other side, we didn't know what the weather was going to be like so we packed for both warm and cold, once everyone was done we got into our cars and drove to the airport, there wasn't that many people there seeing that it wasn't holiday time, going through customs was a breeze, we boarded our flight all smiling and laughing ready to have fun in europe again, my grandfather said he would come in a few weeks he had some stuff to do first, we landed but we were all tired because we were watching movies most of the flight, even tho everyone was tired we started sightseeing, everyone had a lot of fun and took a lot of pictures to remember the trip. A few weeks of more sightseeing and shopping passed before our grandfather finally got there.

He was so happy to see all of us and was overwhelmed that we brought him with. We took him everywhere we went during the last few weeks we didn't even need a map, as we walked I saw everyone stop at a car shop, they had old cars that were restored in perfect condition and new cars that just came out. They all had that look on their face showing how badly they wanted them, I told everyone to choose their dream car and stand next to it, they all stood next to the cars they wanted so badly and without hesitation I said "Get in it's yours". They didn't believe me but i bought them all their dream cars, the only question is how are we going to get them home.