The Cat Cafe

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I live a very simple life, I wake up, get ready for work, have my cornflakes and sip my coffee while listening to the radio, hearing about the traffic, hijacking, the current stock trades and a lucky person winning such amount of money and their life is changed. I’ve thought about what I would do if I entered the lottery and won, I think about the things I would buy, would I buy a new car, a new phone or maybe a new house, maybe I’d quit my job. But the odds of winning are far less than I would like. After all this wishful thinking, I make my way on to my simple job and then come home and eat my dinner and go to sleep, and so this cycle shall go on for the rest of my life.
The whole time at work I thought more about this topic, and decided I’d buy a lottery ticket on my way home. I never thought I’d ever win but the curiosity got the better of me. As I walked through my front door I set the ticket on my entrance table, wanting to forget about it but it would be in my sight bugging me to not forget in case luck decided to swing my way. The next day they announced that that evening the lucky numbers would be announced on channel 2. I stood in the kitchen with the television on low waiting while I warmed up my microwave meal, the ticket in front of me on the kitchen counter, a little hope in the back of my mind. One by one they called the numbers and each digit was correct, at first it didn’t quite register in my mind and I just stood there staring at the television, I jumped slightly when the microwave beeped and grabbed the ticket staring at the numbers, reciting the numbers in my mind. A smile spread across my face as I pinned the ticket to the fridge and collected my food and enjoyed the rest of my evening. I had just won 52 million Rand. The next morning, I walked to the lottery office with a spring in my step. The whole way there I took in a lot more around my than usual, noticed the birds and the baby in the pram. Standing in the que I thought more about what I would buy. On my way home I noticed more, the stray cats and dogs and the people who spend their days relying on the donations of others to have their meal tonight. That night I stayed up thinking of what would help me if I was in that situation. That’s when it hit me, a cat café. A place for any strays to come in and have food. People who can afford to pay for their meal, pay and half of it goes toward food for the strays and the homeless. My idea was that while you drink your coffee and have a biscuit or muffin or a meal, the cats and dogs can wonder around the café. The cats and dogs are also available for adoption by a suitable home. I had this all planned in my head. The next day I knew who to phone and I did. The next week it was progressing wonderfully and news had spread around about my idea.
Two years later we had people coming in and out with all the tables and booths filled with people and ques outside with people wanting for their daily dose of pet loving and espressos. Many cats and dogs went to loving homes and those that were sick were treated. I quit my boring job and now spend my days with the animals. I often think back to when I won and I think about the things I would have spent the money on and I prefer my choice.


I must say I won't like eating in a cafe with many stray animals walking around in it. Nice post.

Thanks:) love cats!!!

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