The Man In The Window ( Part 3)

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Hi everyone, in case you haven't read part 1 or 2, I have left their links at the end of the post, please do sit back and enjoy the read. :)

It had been a week since my last encounter with John and I still cannot shake the feeling that he is not being honest about his intentions. 

I was determined to find out what this strange man was up to. I pulled out my laptop and fired up my back ground checking software ( Now I know what you're thinking, Aimee, where are you going with this, she is a nurse, she wouldn't have background checking software; just bear with me, ok?) I sat back and started at the blinking line impatiently waiting for my input. 'There's no going back after this Bella, are you sure this is what you want to do?' I thought to myself.

I tapped my finger on the table, " I'm gonna do it, I just have to type his name in and see what comes up! It's the only way you're gonna know!" I murmured to myself " Oh goodness, this is driving me crazy, I'm talking to myself" I dropped my head into my hands and took a deep breath.

My fingers gracefully danced across the keys to spell out J-O-H-N  H-I-G-G-I-N-S. My middle finger jabbed onto the enter key with a little more anticipation that I realized I possesed.

"Hmm, curious, there's not very many John Higgins from Sacramento, a  60 year old, no not him, a 2 year old, definitely not him, ah, this may be him, a 32 year old John Higgins." I muttered as I scrolled.

I clicked on the John that I found;

John Higgins

Birthday: 31 October 1985

Age: 32

Parents: Linda Burkley and Peter Higgins

Notes: John Higgins was in a serious car accident that caused paraplegia.

I sat back, stunned. I felt as if I couldn't breathe. 

Who was this man?

Why is he posing as a paralyzed young man?

What is he really here for?

I really hope you guys enjoyed the read, I had a lot of fun writing it!

Love and light! :)