Lean and mean and ready for spring

in geckos •  4 months ago

This morning, we were busy doing some digging next to the side of the house trying to fix the disastrous drainage and this little character was spotted hiding alongside the wall. I took pictures and released it a small distance away.

thick toed gecko.jpg

Transvaal thick-toed geckos (Pachydactylus affinis) are common in the area but I have never lived anywhere in Johannesburg and had these near the house before, perhaps it is only because the house borders the natural area. These beautiful geckos are less common than the tiny little Cape Dwarf geckos and nocturnal whereas the Dwarf geckos hunt during the day. Usually, they have very fat tails but this one must has used up its fat stores over winter. In summer, the tail is about twice the size.

Because they are nocturnal and tend to stay around the ceiling, my cats don't catch these as often as they catch the Cape Dwarf geckos although they are worst at catching and murdering the skinks.

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What a beautiful lizard!
I love them !!!
I have with them mutual understanding :-)))


He's so cute! I love his little toes, and eyes, and patterns on him. I'm glad the cats don't catch these. Our cat's are really bad with the skinks too, I often see them chewing on them outside.


They are very cute. It drives me crazy to see the cats murdering the skinks the way they do

I have several geckos in my country house! A whole clan!


Great creatures to have around, I enjoy watching their antics

Such a beautiful lizard, I have not seen them for a long time, although there were a lot of them before.


I wonder where they went?


The gathered people who came to celebrate the day of the flag along the street go to the main square of the city, where there will be a big citywide meeting dedicated to the day of the flag.

Awesome photo! I wish we had geckos in the wild here.


Is your climate too cold for them?


Yes, unfortunately. I think they wouldn’t survive winter around here.

We have geckos at home and I want to send them to the forest, but some say they are good at eating spiders on the roofs.
Maybe I leave a couple with cleaning functions.
I'm sorry you still have problems with your drains. A house with surprises for long.
Greetings and that everything will improve soon, @nikv.


It will improve, with lots of hard work. Geckos are good to keep in the house, they are harmless and they catch ants, flies, moths and spiders - don't send them to the forest

It looks very interesting. Thanks for the nice photo.


You wellcome. I google it for more images. It is very beautiful indeed.

Its very strange and looks like miniature of crocodile. Nice pic.


Its very strange and
Looks like miniature of
Crocodile. Nice pic.

                 - thedawn

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Do they make a sound? The little ones in Central America chirp like birds.


I haven't heard them but apparently all geckos chirp

Too cold to have geckos around where we live now; used to have them back when we lived in Texas. They were excellent bug hunters! Usually they'd stay far enough UP to not have run-ins with the cats.



Here, we have nocturnal spiders large enough to hunt geckos although this doesn't seem to damage the gecko populations quite as much as the cats do :(

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What a cutie :)
I turns out that my balcony Gecko is back. Beware all little spiders..


The hunters become the hunted and the gecko must beware of Suzy! Needless to say, she will not care about knocking your plants over if she spots him. My cats drive me crazy when they go hunting and destroy the pots


I don't think she will be tempted. She is very careful on the balcony. I am not sure if she didn't see it already. He is often resting on the fence. Have to take some photos eventually.

you are so brave to capture it with this distance.
Awesome photograph..


They are beautiful, harmless creatures


you are right but all are not same..
Some ppl's scares from creatures...

Ohhhh I like this creature very much. Look at those fingers!
In south of Croatia there are geckos too. Whenever I'm visiting Adriatic I find them. They are so cute.


The strangest thing is watching them lick their eyes: they have no eyelids