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“I’ve been asked the question several times recently ‘why am i focused on this sector...on the precious metals specifically?’ ...And there are two primary reasons: One category - personal reasons. In my time overseas in Iraq & Afghanistan in the last decade, I observed a number of things that I did not agree with, and that is why I chose to leave that career field, that path, and I transitioned. Specifically some of the things I observed had to do with waste. Waste of resources, waste of life, and in my digging and my research on the subject I came to the conclusion that a significant portion of the reason why there is so much waste in the world at this point is because the currencies have been debased. And debacked by gold & silver. This is a significant part of the reason why we see some of the excesses that we see in the world today that are leading to pain & suffering for many.” - Christopher Aaron. @igold


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