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GarageBand is an extremely popular music app for iOS, and more recently for PC. Using the app you can make recordings, mixes, play music and broadcast on the cancas with simple gestures. It's the easiest way to get yourself acquainted with music and you'll become a musical genius in no time!

Download Garageband For PC

To download Garageband For Windows, simply click on the download link below:


Play With Or Without Musical Instruments

You can play music immediately after launching the Garageband Download For Windows. The application has several loops and realistic touch instruments, making for a user-friendly experience. If you already have knowledge of music, and own your own instruments, you can simply add your personal tunes in, or you improvise the musical sounds using only your computer and this app! Garage Band allows you to enter the world of music like never before.

Arrangement, Recording & Music Mixing

I must say that GarageBand for PC is like your very own virtual recording studio. It features an impressive as well as intuitive interface, allowing you to get creative and perfect your very own creations. Once you have done that, you can also mix your own tunes using the thirty-two availed tracks of touch-instruments. It even allows you to go so far as edit single notes or even total sections by simply dragging them up to the desired location so that when you listen to the results you'll be might impressed!

Sharing Music In One Click

Once you've let out your creativity and jammed to your heart's content, you can instantly share the tracks with your friends all over the globe and have them provide feedback. Once connected to the Internet, GarageBand on Windows is also able to work with various social media platforms to share your work further. Even better? You can use your creation as your very own ringtone for your Smartphone! If you already use app on your smartphone, you can transfer or re-use the various functions on your PC. It's also possible to use AirDrop to share creations wirelessly with people.

Backup Songs On iCloud

GarageBand gives you the chance to save your own creations in the cloud so as to retrieve and reuse them as you wish.

In case you are looking for Garageband for android, there is a version available here. If you have any questions about our Garageband for PC app, feel free to contact via the contact us page.

Garageband: What Exactly Is It?

Are you new to this app and unsure how to get started? Follow this guide!

  • Open the Garageband for Windows App and click on select file > New in the top left to get started on a new creation.
  • When prompted, a pop-up will appear on the screen asking you to name your file. Type any name which you want to assign the track and click on the create button.
  • To create a new track, click on the + Button in the bottom left corner.
  • You will be directed to select the instrument you would like to use to record your track. You can choose between Real Instrument, Software Instrument, and Electric Guitar.
  • Real Instrument is to record voice tracks using a microphone.
  • Software Instrument is for the sounds created by using the keys on your keyboard. By using the Garageband Keyboard, you can create and cut the music to create a whole new tune!
  • Electric Instrument is a type of guitar which comes built-in with Garageband Amplifier and Settings.
  • Choose the software Instrument or any other instrument as stated above and click on the i icon shown at the bottom right corner.
  • Use the Garageband Keyboard to create your very own tracks.
  • Watch the Video know How to use Garage band App.

Garageband Online:

Garageband Online lets you create music how you want, online. You can create music by using Apple loops, Audio Recording, and Software Instruments. It is the easiest, most fun way to create your own tempo and lay down your own tracks.

After you click to create a new major project, you will be directed to create a new audio jack. Go to the I button which is in the top left corner of the screen. Click on it to select the software and drag the loop to the timeline to create your own track. Now you can add different loops to your track. Clicking on the cycle button will allow you to listen to your song.

You can edit your song by increasing or decreasing the loops or by using zoom slider located below the track headers. To create your own tempo, you can use GarageBand on PC or you can opt to connect an external Keyboard.

This app is perfect if you want to create your own podcasts, want to improve you musical skills, or simply love playing around with your own jams. If you do create a podcast, you can share this on iTunes by clicking Share on the menu and exporting it.

Garageband Beats:

Garageband is the best way to create music with our own tempo and that best showscases your personal style and creativity. Garageband beats shows the type of beats you have to choose from, such as hip-hop/ Hard Trap Beat/ Rap Beat Trap type beat and many more. You can use the Garageband Beats on your Android device/ MAC/ XP/ PC/ Windows for free by GarageBand Download (Free Music App). Click on the video link given below to understand better about the Beats.

Garageband Instrument Plugins:

  • Firstly you need to create a new track by clicking on the Track button.
  • Select software instrument or another option and click Create.
  • Garageband will load classic internal piano from its library which is given as default.
  • Press B on your PC Keyboard to open smart control buttons.
  • Clicking on the B button you will be directed to Inspector Button (i)
  • You will be seeing an Audio units bar, click on the instrument.
  • In AU Instrument click on Apple/ Native Instruments.
  • If you get a warning you may need to lower you security settings.
  • Now you can play your own Garageband Music!

Garageband Midi:

Here is the best Garageband Midi basic for Apple/ MAC/ PC/ Windows. Garageband is a simple music program so it can only accept midi input. Connect the midi input device to the Garageband and play the music using the instrument plugins. You can control the Garageband software with a Midi Compatible Keyboard. This keyboard is used to reproduce the new musical sounds and to create new music. To use Midi, you have to install the latest M-Audio drivers/ Edirol Drivers for Midi interface or USB Midi Cable Keyboard.

Further details regarding Garageband Help will be updated soon. Follow the points mentioned above and download the GarageBand for Windows Online.

This free GarageBand alternative for windows helps you to create your own music, making it perfect for those who want to get creative without the use of a recording studio. Garageband App is free for all the MAC and Apple users to experience. Garageband Loops and Garageband Sounds will help you create music exactly the way you want. More information regarding Garageband for pc will be updated at this portal and you can comment if you have any further questions.

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