Gauntlet Update: February 12th, 2022

Hi everybody it’s been a very productive week again for us here at Gauntlet. Here is what we have been up to. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, take our survey and engage with us on all our social media channels. Let’s go…


Client V1 Development

Last week saw us work heavily on the ESports tab front end which will be revisited again before we release it for public testing. This week we started working on the streaming page. People will be able to connect their streaming accounts and start a stream directly from inside the Gauntlet client.


New Social Media Channels

We are now on the following social media channels to be sure to follow, clap, contribute and share our weekly feeds:

Instagram —
Steemit —
Reddit -

Telegram Bot

This is very good news for Gauntlet. We are now leveraging the power of chat technology to engage our members. To use Rose in our Telegram room just type ‘/notes’ and it will bring up a menu where you can choose a keyword you would like to know more information about. Just put ‘#’ in front of the keyword.


Gauntlet Survey

We are mentioning this survey a lot but we are looking for 50 submissions and we are happy to say that we have only 20 left to complete. Once they are gone we will close the survey and announce the winners at the start of March for GAU prizes and Beta Tester Slot winners. So please if you haven’t filled it out already for us, do it now :) Here is a link to our survey again in case you missed it in prior announcements …

Yellow and Blue Gaming Console General Twitch Banner.png

Urgent: Swap Reminder (3 Days Left)

There are only three(3) days until the end of our swap period. Please if you haven’t already, get your old PoS coins swapped over to our new BEP tokens. Also, note that we need everything that was mentioned in the swap instructions. They must be adhered to, so if we are looking for something please provide it. It’s critically important that you read the instructions carefully and keep them. Here are those instructions again in case you missed them.

The swap exchange will occur at a 1:1 ratio between GAU coins and GAU tokens. The swap will be laid out in the following manner:

  1. Users will send us their GAU coins they wish to swap to the following public Gauntlet Address: GPsSJMFmGPiGVm592paKDE3M3Eb5jRQZt7
  2. Users must then send an email to the following email address: [email protected] with the TX id and a screenshot from their wallet accompanied with their BNB chain address where we can send the tokens.
  3. Once we confirm that the transaction was successfully received, we will send GAU tokens out to the individual to their submitted BNB chain address. This process may take a lot of time however a few people will be involved in this to ensure it doesn’t take too long.


XEGGEX Exchange

We are delighted to announce that we are now live on the new German exchange Xeggex. We are trading on two pairs GAU/BTC and GAU/BNB. Here is our Xeggex profile

Blue and Pink ESports Gaming In-Stream Ad.png

Liquidity Farms & Pools

We have applied to create a Liquidy Farm on Pancake Swap and will look into Liquidity Pools next week with Xeggex. These will be fantastic alternatives to staking GAU as we seek to develop our token and client in the coming weeks and months.


That’s all there is for this week people. Stay tuned for further updates during the week and next weekend. Have a great weekend and week everybody.

Gauntlet Team

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