Gauntlet Update: February 26th, 2022

Hi everybody! We’ve had another busy week here at the Gauntlet helm. Here is what we have been up to. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, take our survey and engage with us on all our social media channels. Let’s go…


Client V1 Development

Last week we worked on the Settings, Support, and Upgrade tabs. This week we worked on the Donate and Learn sections. We are hoping to launch the Soft Demo well before the end of March ’22 so we are right on schedule.



New Listing Sites

We are delighted to say that we are listed on the following cryptocurrency monitoring sites.


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Gauntlet Survey

Only 17 more surveys left to complete. Once they are all completed we will close the survey and announce the winners at the start of March for GAU prizes and Beta Tester Slot winners. So please if you haven’t filled it out already for us, do it now :) Here is a link to our survey again in case you missed it in prior announcements …

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Swap Poll

There was a total of 380,000 GAU that was not swapped during the GAU PoS coin to GAU BEP Token phase. Gauntlet is adding 120,000 GAU to this to bring it up to 500, 000 GAU to do with as the community wish. We have presented four options to you. Whatever option gets the most votes we will carry it out without delay. Please choose carefully and if you are uncertain about any of the four options and need further clarification please let us know. Here are the four options:


  1. Burn the tokens
  2. Lock them into the PancakeSwap liquidity pool
  3. Add it to the treasury (future dev/airdrops / prizes)
  4. Burn 30% Lock 30% Keep 40%

The poll ends in 2 days so please go onto our Discord server and look for the #poll channel. Cast your vote before it's too late. Have your say!



We have de-listed from, iHostmn, and Pecunia as we are no longer a masternode based asset. There are other platforms out there where we are listed and we will get to them in due course for either removal or updating. Thank you for your patience. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you see that we are incorrectly listed somewhere or that you think we should be listed on another specific platform that may benefit us. We would like to thank you in advance for this as some members have already given us feedback.

We are also waiting to update our CoinGeko listing and BSC Scan portal so please be patient we can only go as fast as these platforms work with us. We know they are busy but we do hope to have CoinGeko resolved this coming week.


We will be adding more new listings next week and keeping our eyes open for additional exchanges to list on. We anticipate some of them may be small but we are biding our time and working on getting the awareness out there for Gauntlet while we wait for larger exchanges to open up to BEP-based tokens, one of them being Deconomy.
That’s all there is for this week people. Stay tuned for further updates during the week and next weekend.

Have a great weekend and week everybody.

Gauntlet Team

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