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We are demonstrating the power of biomimicry with a ecologically regenerative project. We have planted thousands of native perennial fruit and nut trees, ultimately contributing to the reforestation of the land and providing a sustainable food source for an eco village.

Our Introduction Video on Vimeo. Enjoy :)

Our main focus is on seed guarding which fosters the many sacred and native plant species, as well as a diverse set of, practical and edible plants for healing the body, mind and spirit.


We are on a journey to save more and more land. We work together with nature. We don’t just want to have a neutral footprint on earth, but we want to have a positive impact and give back. We are empowering each other to take care of earth through our projects.

We have started a food forest consisting of wild plants that don’t need any human intervention like gardening or guidance.
Right now, There is enough planted to provide for a family of 20 people, although we have the capacity and knowledge to provide for 200.

We want to spread our wide knowledge on food forest gardens not only within our community, but engaging the native local community as well. We want to teach local farmers how they can have a positive impact in their area in a simple way.

We have an extensive seed bank full of ancient organic seeds. These precious seeds have been on earth for thousands of years. Now its time to replant them. To us they are a hidden gem of pure wisdom that is awaiting to wake up and grow into a beautiful plant.

What we need now is more surrounding land for them to flourish and now this window of opportunity has come: sharing and spreading our knowledge and seeds. We are already in the process of obtaining the land with a spring from the worlds greatest clean water reserve, the andes.


Through this process we want to unlock, plant and receive as much from mother Earth as we can. And this is where you can help. Please share our story with the rest of the world, of giving back to Mother Earth and unlock her fullest potential. Or if you can, come and work directly with us. We need people from all over the world with different skills. If you can’t come send us your your support with this crowd funding, we will be waiting for you here. Lets all enjoy giving and harvesting the abundance.

There is much more - click here

If you can support us with BitCoins,
this is our Wallet now: 3NCH97SAzugbAUp93ojPaDep65M2jBEKyT

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Great work. But why bitcoins, not Steem?

Yes you right, sorry we are new in the crypto currency world.

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That's amazing! I'm trying to create something similar here in Norway. Lots of respect to you, it is so much hard work.

Yes, Im into this since the last 5 years and I learned that I was quite naive in the beginning, this project is finally reaching maturity. Through its openness we want to contribute that other communities can benefit from the lessons learned which dont exist much for open communities so far.

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