Steemit is hiring!

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Come work for Steemit!

If you’re a talented software engineer who loves the challenges of building cutting edge apps for cryptocurrency (and especially for Steem), then we want to hire you. We’re looking for talented people who also have a superpower. Ours is empowering others with cryptocurrency, can your powers contribute?

Because we strive to create an inspiring culture of great, action-oriented people, our process is genuinely made for us to get to know each other. We want to learn about what makes you great, and we can tell you about our warp-speed success and how you can contribute to future growth.

We are always seeking A+ quality “Full-Stack” (Python JavaScript and C++) engineers. We also currently have positions open for “Agile Program Managers” and “DevOps Engineers.” If you want to be a part of something like this, then send us your resume. Be sure to let us know what you’ve been up to in the community as well, because that involvement is some of the best experience.

Ready to apply? Visit us and make contact on Lever:!


@utopian-io has the biggest community of devs on this blockchain. Their work is public and reviewed dozens of times on a constant basis. What better way to spot a good candidate @ned? ;)

Some hints @miniature-tiger @nepeta @emrebeyler @tensor oh well...and too many others.

There is a channel for networking with them named #developers on our Discord server.

Just shared this link over there.

I guess @holger80 is an awesome python dev as well, and should be mentioned ;) (he's the beem dev for anyone wondering (beem is a steem python module))

Absolutely agreed!

agree! @holger80 would be definitely a great choice. His library works pretty nice and I was able to have my first bot running within a quite short time.
I am new to python but have "some" (about 40 years) of experience in hardware development, different type of microcontrollers coded in C or even Assembler....
So maybe if there is something like hardware-wallet to be developed one day or hardware safe for keys... Something like this :-) I could do from scratch with prototype and PCB-Layout.

prob be a good idea to hire an expert in financial law and to hire an expert in cryptocurrencies before they launch securities themselves

@jonklinger is the man you seek.

Why not @amosbastian for Python... Lets not forget he coded the new utopian bot :D

Because i need him so much

@utopian-io, you guys definetely deserve a higher recognition for your work, together with Busy I'd say you are the ones with no influence from Steemit Inc that have done a great job in giving more utilities to the Steem Blockchain.

Sorry my dear friends @safedeposit

We really, really appreciate the support.

Working hard on making Utopian even better and launching our new frontend soon. Stay tuned for updates! Together we can make both Steem and the Open Source space great!

Hi @ned, it is nice from Steemit Inc to increase the number of workers they have to speed up the development (there are many things we are waiting for).
If I were you I would contact @yabapmatt, he is an excellent developer that has created important tools for Steem such as the famous SteemBottracker together with the first game ever created in the Steem Blockchain called SteemMonsters, he would definitely be a nice developer to hire together to the many experienced ones carrying dapps such as,, Dlive and Dsound.
Thanks for listening to us for suggestions.

You copied my comment:
I have flagged you and reported you to SteemCleaners, you won't get away with it.

I agree with you

Utopian truly have capable hands in handling this. Search no further

@sambillingham is amazing as well, but I think @ned knows this already!

is the flagging attack over here now? guess so

Greetings, Ned.

How nice steemit hiring in this area. I live here in Brazil and I'm a psychologist. I met the Steemit network earlier this year of 2018. I like to publish texts that involve psychology, mainly, besides talking about personal finance and other matters.

Is there any paid work I can do at Steemit??
If there is, please let me know.

Thank you very much and good morning!

Nice one, even i myself am into Logo Designing, do many here for my community....

You should definitely invest into an user experience designer as well, to make the experience of steemit more user friendly 😉

Some sort of godlike PR manager to handle damage control for the blockchain in the coming bear period for all cryptos is necessary as well. Someone who can make it seem like we have some unique value propositions so there's some sort of investment floor to stand on when the speculation cools off.

Pay-to-play services that use the blockchain and its native cryptocurrencies as their payment method would create non-speculative demand for STEEM. Hundreds of apps like SteemMonsters are needed.

I would say SMonsters is a bad example, as it is a speculative play in itself to most, but oddly didn't go the route that the rare pepe game did with some cards having fixed supply.

I haven't paid any attention to the kind of game SteemMonsters is. The point is, however, that to play the game, you have to buy cards with SBD, if I'm correct, which creates non-speculative demand for SBD and STEEM.

yes we really do need a salesman to sell steempower to people as something you can always grow via DPOS voting and the hopefully passive income you can make as long as steem price goes up or sideways, but even if it goes down you still earn steem tokens, so your stake grows even if the value in dollars doesnt, and for most of us we know that even if it takes a year or two steem is a long term winner for us that will easily earn its place above $10 or $20 for a decade or more if it goes through the possible next two years of a bear market with loads of development and infrastructure and steem ecosystem building and reenforcing. We can become a serious internet culture more powerful than the most dedicated cult like groups online, because we actually pay our users who engage the most... and so crypto investors will see value in us if we have a GREAT salesperson to SELL Steempower as a crypto you can actually USE and play with instead of just buying and boringly hodling

@markkujantunen brings up the need for more @steemmonsters like stuff and wooohoo yup thats right! i imagine it like a box of steem powered toys! We have SO many cool steem dapps and games to create, many of them will be kind of off chain with the game using steem accounts for the game accounts but handling the game off chain and that is ok! we will see SO many apps for steem as soon as people realize how fun and rewarding it is to develop for! its like making apps for the first iphone app store!
I am telling you, PYSCHOLOGISTS and professors will make steem apps and frontends that TEST peoples abilities to hold off rewards long term vs short term, we will test conditioning classical and operand and how people react to money and getting paid for upvotes and content and comments... oh ist going to be a brave new world indeed! Steem is worth exploring in an academic scientific neurological setting, so many steem based studies NEED to be done like facebook did, to find out how people react to the emojis etc to find out who we can improve the UI but ALSo to improve the way people save and spend their money, custom wallets that lat you lock your own wallet by making you solve an algebra equation to spend your money sooner than a month or so :D

We could develop so many great new ways to make plugins that find out EXACT amounts to upvote people based on how much they interact with you!
Automated upvotes decided by Bots is going to be the FUTURE of steem! The bot controlling your human account will upvote your repliers based on how much a user interacts with you and how long and original their replies to you are etc, how much they upvote you and how loyal of a upvoter or commenter they are can all be taken into consideration so you will have the freedom to set different parameters to ensure you are automatically upvoting the people who are virtually closest to you and trying the hardest on steem so no one gets left out :) For a more efficient experience where no one is wasted and everyone gets recognized automatically, these will be gamed so systems will need to be smart and hybrid between human and bots. It will be glorious!

rad ideas. Sounds like you'll neeed your own smart media token


+1 this is more important than you think!!!

Unfortunately so many companies think they don't need it - or they have some sort of guy who thinks he can do everything ... and fails hard at the ux part 😔

The “Agile Program Managers” position comes across as interesting. A friend must see this.
By the way, I'll like to find out, must employees be resident in the USA? cc: @ned.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-13 um 16.44.08.png

I've seen it (via the link). Thanks a million, I really appreciate this!

Your welcome 😉

Applied! I hope "remote ok" works for "very remote ok" also. :)

The family is getting bigger and better

I love steemit very much.i am getting rewrd for my posts and i dont how steem or steem dollars are generating? Can anyone explain it plz
Thanks you @ned for giving this social and business network. I bought a nice book with the reward i got from my posts.
Sry i am not a engineering student.i hope u will get good and amazing softare engineers.
Thank you
Yours @summisimeon

The liquid payouts are based on the amount of SBD tokens in existence compared to the STEEM marketcap.

  • When the number of SBD tokens is < 2% of the STEEM marketcap, then the liquid payout is 100% SBD / 0% STEEM.
  • When the number of SBD tokens is between 2% and 5% of the STEEM marketcap, then the liquid payout changes linearly from 100% SBD / 0% STEEM to 100% STEEM / 0% SBD.
  • When the number of SBD tokens is above 5% of the STEEM marketcap, then the liquid payout is 100% STEEM / 0% SBD.

Thanks for this explanation. I have also wondered why sometimes we receive rewards in sbd&sp, and at times steem,sbd and sp.cheers to steemit

Well just to clarify, the steem/SBD youre getting is actually printed up or minted via (delegated) Proof of stake, it is inflation, controlled consensus based inflation where every year just a few percent of steem and sbd are generated, and its all based on the reward pool of around 700,000+ Steem a week or around 27 million this year and every year the inflation percentage goes down

So just remember, Steem is printed up kinda like how the central banks print up fiat paper money EXCEPT steem cannot just be printed up whenever anyone wants, you must first of all own stake and then you ONLY get as much allocation of the reward pool as you can afford to buy ;) So you just basically get a certain amount of money based on how much Steempower you have... in basic simple terms.... the more SP you have the more money you can allocate, because everyday theres new steem being created by witness nodes yes the witnesses who run the top 20 servers are the closest thing to the Bitcoins POW Mining Farms that actually CREATE the new bitcoin. For us new steem is generated via witnesses to then be allocated to people via votes that pay out from our reward pool... this pool of money is just generated and is just given to whoever the stake owners(SP) give it to, whether thats themselves with a self vote or someone else, or they can sell their vote to get liquid from their SP immeidtaly or lease it on the Market for 25% interest I believe meaning, and dont quote me but if you have 10,000SP you can make 2,500 steem a year from leasing your SP for liquid steem. which you can then power up and you would then have 12500 SP to lease and youd make even more and it would snowball until you reach a limit because there is a limit of around a few million SP that you can find to lease, only people like blocktrades and others can do that and his spots are all taken, youud have to have a good relationship with a big whale who doesnt mind letting you use his SP when he or she could just s easily make that money for themselves, from what i hear having that much SP gets you made so much more of the reward pool, it is a rare thing to have, its powerful to be able to generate this much money of a website :D its insane when you step back from this Borg matrix and realize how many of us have been actually either-living off or making fortunes off of a WEBSITE :D Its magic internet money for sure!

tldr; steem is printed up digitally by witnesses via consensus based inflation, set at a declining inflation rate that shrinks every year, and the price is held up by the free market on exchanges etc.

I think @timcliff 's explanation was a little more than you asked for, :D I think he was just showing off with a little known fact :D and I am happy he did because wow i didnt know we had that mechanism but I knew we had to have something to control the price of SBD or limit its supply etc, i am just wondering if this means that if enough sbd is produced, no one would get any liquid payouts just Sp and theyd have to power down to get liquid? is that true? but has that ever happened no right? and how could that even hap[en? what would cause the number of SBD tokens to grow that large that they are above 5% of the steem marketcap? Would that be from price of sbd going up? or down? lol i know when it goes down UNDER $1 theres a mechanism to push it backup to $1 but from what Ive heard, not much of a mechanism to push it back to $1 if it starts to be pushed ABOVE $1 :) I am seeing @freedom is able to now push sbd back to $1 soon with his nearly 800,000 SBD accumulated ready to sell off to push sbd down :)

This is good news. I'd definitely tell my friends about this. An opportunity to work with the platform will be a privilege

The future of Steemit just got brighter!

Are you looking for a QA team to help review code before it is pushed out?

You should hire some staff with experience in service management and itil

This is excellent. An opportunity that very few give. Great idea!

A hug from Venezuela @ned

Who is Harry Schmidt?

My engineering lead and cto @goldibex / Harry Schmidt /

You should also hire @dantheman as the new CTO.😇

Developers, developers, developers

May I add?
Mobile, Mobile, and Mobile

@ned, i host a weekly Steem based radio show on Msp Waves. We would love to have you as a guest sometime! We interview steemians every Wednesday night. Any support you guys would be willing to give in way of delegation would be amazing too to help support other steemians! Thanks for all that you guys do! You can find the show posts on my steemit blog. Thanks for your time @ned!

Hello my friend @ned, I live in Venezuela I have about 6 months in Steemit and I can tell you that it has changed my life completely, I have met marvelous people of beautiful heart.

In my country the economic situation has gone crazy, our salary is not enough, but thanks to Steemit, my economic situation and that of many Venezuelans has changed, for that reason I thank you and I wish that all your dreams are made reality, may God bless you my friend, you are changing the world.

This is a little of what I have achieved thanks to Steemit, I have made many donations of school supplies, kitchen supplies for a special children's school, I have already donated 59 pairs of new shoes, my goal is to deliver 100 pairs of shoes new to street children.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-09 at 9.22.42 PM(1).jpeg

During my time at Steemit I have learned a lot and this has changed my way of seeing things, everything arrives at the time no matter the time or the place everything depends on the opportunities that may arise and the ability we have to take advantage of them 100% .

We can build a tower of ideas and turn them into reality, if we focus on what we want it sounds like something that only happens in movies but the truth is that in Steemit dreams can come true, with motivation and vision to the future to achieve what we want.

Within Steemit there are endless projects that have great ideas, others that are in full growth as well as some projects with more humanitarian purposes that really leave the name of steemit at the top of the world filling the entire community with pride . These projects generate enough energy in this platform to continue working on innovative projects. This brings a great responsibility, since our most loyal followers are waiting for good content and ideas that can help us grow as a group and we can share this knowledge with the other users that make up the Steemit family.

This is actually an "angle" that STEEM can use going forward for marketing, etc.
Steem is the most accessible blockchain to new crypto users, and it can save lives today.


Steem is the most accessible blockchain to new crypto users. It can save lives today.

Hello sir namaste from India,you have been continuously doing great work for the development of steemit community, by employing dynamic as well as innovative personality ,but at the same time our govt is going to ban crypto in India.You are such a telanted person,who has been contineously giving us the economic freedom by giving us steemit blockchain.You know sir many indian educated unemloyed have begun to see their future in this beautiful community.Sir,for your kind information,you are becoming our everything,our govt failed to solve the problem of unemployment,but you give us the opportunity to learn and earn in this beautiful world. You may not ever thought,you have already lighted the beautiful candle in many people's life.I would like to thank you from my heart for giving me such a wonderful world,God bless you sir.

Agreed. The entire developing world really needs these tools and they offer vast riches and food to the world.

Yes,very true.But sir due to the non availability of easy exchange system ,it may become difficult to survive.lets see what will be come come out from the holl,Thanks for the reply,nice to meet you sir.

Darkpools and cash business owners?!

The indian exchange were already flied to Singapore as it is very uncertain in India,as our central bank orders other commercial banks to end up their dealing with such exchanges.

YeS I do understand, THUS we talk to local restaurants and drug dealers (drugs should be free to sell and buy) and other cash businesses (localbitcoin) and find a way to work with your community.

Actually I am very simple woman, I don't hear about about the local bitcoin business till now,but thanks for your updates.

Come work for #steemit with the Captain @ned

A number of people have mentioned to me that is getting harder to submit to, so I'll just mention that @lordjames submitted a proposal for a Batch Payment processor for STEEM/SBD that looks like a decent idea to me.
There are a number of financial processing tools to be built for Steem that I'd like to help sponsor, so all you JS Web Devs, chat me up if @ned turns you down ;-)

@surfyogi, Its hard because people are not following the guidelines. We are still getting close to 100s of posts every-day in Utopian and if I talk about development many great apps are developing with financial benefits from Utopian. Now when we see a lot of contributions where the work is too less, then we could not approve it, because we do not want to lower the quality contributions coming out of

is there anyway to make a section for beginners where the guidelines are less strict OR the actual front end makes a Form that automatically helps you with a Guideline for the guidelines? lol like a Jig?

This speaks of poor UI more than any "following our list of rules", I agree with @ackza

I don't think it is harder. @elear may help you in this I guess. Is really @ned turns developers down? I don't really understand anything. Just because I casually commented in this post I had to earn 8 flags!

Lolzzz to me is hard...

I was their contributor before.
But I noticed the system is now hard.

I didn't know that @jacobite. But still we can see many continuously contributing there. Thank you for clearing my doubts. :)

You are welcome bro

You spoke my mind About utopian
Awesome proposal for the devs too,i trust you to deliver

Thanks for creating such a great platform. I 'd like to contribute but I am not sure I am good enough. Here is my CV



Let's just start doing the dev ourselves... ;-)

And I really have to say, if community development is not allowed to thrive on Steem, even on the backend platform, then it will be a real vote of confidence we need to move onto other platforms in the future...

Can I get 50 $ too for this spammy comment? Or do I have to get flagged by @berniesanders first?

Good post sir I suport

Greetings from Greece ( we are almost as poor as Venezuela!)

Whereas it's great that you're hiring more talent from the developer pool (And I sincerely hope the hires will be "internal" from the considerable talent already familiar with the Steem and the Steemit community) I really hope you would also consider adding someone from the Usability/Human Factors field.

I'm an old fart now — and I know well that Usability Engineers were high on the devs' "most hated" list when I work at Dell, several decades ago — but if you're sincerely interested in seeing this show grow beyond just a "specialized niche," it would be a good thing if more emphasis were put on the end user experience.

Seems you guys have lots of things working at the "wholesale" level (Apps, SMTs, etc), but I don't see much happening at the "retail" (end user) level.

Maybe you feel it's not a priority, but I hope you won't lose sight of the fact that a superb/positive end user experience is the greatest free marketing tool you can have... and how ultimately things go mass market.

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you this, but Farcebook didn't end up with two billion users because of developers, it ended up with two billion users because end users kept saying "Facebook is pretty cool-- I'm on Facebook, are YOU on Facebook?" Same holds true for the hundreds of millions of eBay users... even if a totally different market segment.

Just throwing that out there, for your consideration.

P.S.: Just to address one common "yes, but..." it's TOO LATE to hire usability specialists when everything is already built... they need to be there at the planning stages, otherwise it's an "eternal retrofit" situation.

Maybe you feel it's not a priority, but I hope you won't lose sight of the fact that a superb/positive end user experience is the greatest free marketing tool you can have... and how ultimately things go mass market

Exactly right. And when you have a site that's barely usable at all, run by a company that holds the single largest stake in the underlying blockchain, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in investors nor does it convince the user base that they ought to stick around for the improvements that will never come.

Whether they want to accept it or not, Steemit is the flagship site for the Steem by the people who ninja-mined a massive stake in it so that they could make improvements along the way and use as the showcase for what's possible on Steem. When this site is what showcases their grand, experimental vision, it's not surprising to see that there isn't much interest in either the blockchain or the site/company. It's a very poor representation of what can be done with Steem and they really ought to be aware of this fact and realize that their lack of effort/caring does all of us and this blockchain a great disservice.

With millions and millions of dollars at their's just a shame that more isn't being done. It's really sad. I'm not sure what else can be said. They could have hired some of the best designers and engineers in the industry over the past two years. But what have they done? What are they doing? Where's the vision? Where's the innovation? Where are the deliveries of their projects?

Can they see outside of their bubble?

Quick Answer: No
Long Answer: Definitely Not



Let's just start doing the dev ourselves... ;-)

Did someone say Mobile apps?
WTF @ned...

Completely agree with both of you. We need something more user friendly and more mobile friendly. Please!!!

You got the point! Except of the last point, a good usability expert can get the current mess fixed over time if he gets full support from the team and has a good user interface designer in his team!

Hey ho!
Hope you find a good addition to your team… to OUR team?

BTW, do you need Data Analyst / Data Engineer?

Damn, I am just a beginner, I wish I am good enough to apply

@ned look into UX designers or non-dev improvements too. The technology is pretty sweet alredy, although personally I think the rules (7 day reward period) stimulates quantity over quality. There is some empyrical evidence in the "new" section.

If even a two year old post could reap some rewards when it's still popupar and relevant enough for people who come across it to vote on it, quality would be rewarded.

On a 'classic' blog, no one would switch off ads/revenue on a post after 7 days. The biggest reward often comes in months, when a quality article is propagated through the internet.

Many excellent creative ideas here!

I agree. The highest quality work is appreciated orders of magnitudes longer than the 7-day voting period. But content discovery tools are crucial for older content.

Boss @ned. please do you hire front-end designer and or web developers. or just coder. Do you need people who can handle the skeletal out look of the web.

Thank you.
Feedback anticipated

Whoa, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! If only I have that skills and talent that they are searching, I will surely try my luck.

Suck up all the devs! lol Developers are the backbone of the crypto market, I think use case crypto platforms will be more exciting to work on for developers, than most other pie in the sky coins.

I'm not going to recommend anyone. I think plenty have already been recommended. Instead, I'm going to give my on requisites based-on what I want steemit to eventually be (a software platform).

Experience in

  • Event sourcing
  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Command query request separation
  • Graph theory and graph databases
  • Golang and grpc
  • Webassembly
  • Serverless architecture design and implementation
  • Concurrent (not multithreaded) programming
  • Openapi
  • Cryptography
  • Penetration testing
  • Load testing
  • TICK stack, monitoring systems, and user analytics

Get someone that knows that, and you'll be set. My $0.02

@ned I also think this is a nice opportunity for the undergraduate who have just completed school to exhibit their talent here. And hiring young programmers will workout. Becasue will want to do this as their Normal work and they will be happy with that too. I have alot of programmers who can also help with this and they are good in C++, Python, Javascript and a whole lot . So i think this is a nice offer to the younger ones so we will apply and see what happen next.

To add also in Ghana here we have a lot of programmers who don't have jobs so that they can utilize their programming skills well so this is a nice a job opportunity for most of the Ghanaians too.

I know several talented developers. I will tell them about this vacancy. It's good to see that you continue to develop.
You build the future @ned

Whoa awesome. I'm a dev and I've been trying to get into the blockchain space, and I love Steem, I'll definitely be applying.

Oh, I don't have any superpowers though. Unless you count x-ray vision ;-P

I only work for STEEM -- no fiat.

I was scrolling down the list wondering why you were not applying, and you answered my question.

Indeed, @utopian-io by @elear has the top notch developers here on Steemit, many projects have been developed through utopian platform.
I would love to suggest some of my favorite developers @good-karma @jesta @direwolf @holger80 @tensor...

How I wish I was a competent developer too, I would haved pushed it in.. I will inform more developers about this awesome news

Good luck Steem Blockchain, rule the Crypto world!!!

This post is motivation to get back on the learning track. So many opportunities for programmers to thrive. I need to join the ranks.

Great to see Steemit expanding their Dev team! so many things that have been talked about over the 9 months I have been here that I would love to see come t fruition, from Communities to SMTs, it takes talented people to create a great product. So good for Steem to go out looking to add to the talent pool.

The ability to work in an emerging market (blockchain) and to work remotely from where one already resides should provide great incentive for people to contribute.

Can't wait for more detailed timelines on expected launch dates for all of the projects Steem is working on!


Wow this is an opportunity, although i dont know much about being a developer, but i know some fellows that can try this. @good-karma is this a job you can do?

No, no, no. Surfer development is more important! :o)

Oh my bad, good-karma is an app developer, you know he developed the @esteemapp. So my thoughts were this might be his field too. He is a cool guy so i didn't want him to miss this opportunity. Since its not his field i'll check for other developers i know😊

I'll share this link with a few Stanford guys in the bay area ... plus some others ... they may apply ... Some recently left from "bigger" companies ...

The better the people you hire, the better the platform will be. (I'd like to use the best platform possible.) Immutability makes this place good for technical blogging. If papers, there's always arXiv; but for blogging ...

Nice to see this opportunity open to the platform. Things may be slow in the cryptoworld but as long as we are striving to build something bigger and better and do so as a community, we will survive. Steem has great potential still and Steemit does as well as long as our platform reaches out to its users and our users step up.

I am glad to be a part of this community and will stick with it as long as there are other users who can benefit from my account, I am glad to stick around.

I know someone here in our town here in the Philippines who won a competition in Japan for Computer Software Engineers, but how could he work their, he is here in the Philippines, are you willing to hire him in a remote way? Or should he come to the U.S.?

Awesome, can't wait to see what we can do. I hope an app is in progress :) then mass adoption comes fast. I've been a tech recruiter for a long time and know many people in the space. Full stack and DevOps won't be hard with the remote. Agile PM not my bag.

I will reach out to my linkedin network that is impressive if I do say so myself @ned leave it with me. They will mention my name Londanny when they apply. Enjoying the platform and looking forward to seeing it grow.

Keep up the great work

I think many programmers from the different Steem front ends would be a good choice! Unfortunately, I guess they already have too much to do with their side.

Thanks @Harry schmiad
Thanks @Ned Scott
yes really messaging

I would rather work for myself.


I love steem
I appreciate your gathering

I'm glad Steemit Inc is pressing forward for some developers to work on making things a lot better here. In the last few weeks, you guys have been putting in a lot of updates in the area of Ux but there are still a lot more to be done.

I'm not much of a technical man so I do not possess the necessary technical skills for these jobs. But with my experience using different platforms for business possesses I'll be putting forward some suggestions on how to make things better here. I have already written one today about batch payment processor for our transactions here which will make Steem a lot more effective as a financial tool. And will put in a lot more suggestions in the days to come.

I wish you luck in your personnel hunting. Do bring us the best you can find in the market.

This can be a great opportunity for those developers who want to see an improvement on steemit.
To me i see so far so good, no system is ever perfect and that's why we keep on adding features and ammending where it fails. I suppose the curation system might meet a tweak or change somewhere.
The developers i have been able to see are free lancers and usually they keep us posted on what they are working on.
Hopefully this will help them shine out to the light.
@ned thanks for this post.
It will have people who want to contribute to the movement of this steemit platform take part.

Hello ned, recently I met steemit my husband and I just going to integrate into this great community that we love so much, in these moments we work for steemchurch creating a mobile application for the church and thanks to our lord of the steem @sirknight who has given us so much support we can do reality, behind this lapto is the brilliant mind in mobile and web development, although my husband @juanunix does not publish much by steemit, usually he is developing 19 hours a day, and I am the one who published the updates. We are very talented entrepreneurs. By the way, thanks for steemit, you do not really know how many people you have blessed with this. God bless you and shine more new and creative ideas for steemit. Long live Steemit.

As a mechanical engineer I can't work with you. Now I think I should have learned some programming languages along with my subjects so that I will atleast be able to understand this sort of things!

Can I just make the tea and do some photocopying please ? I can work remotely and only want $1k a month.

steemit is really moving to a higher ground..this indeed is a great opportunity for all steemians..the world should watch out for more greatness..thanks too @ned

Let me share this info with other people!!!!

Hi @ned, excellent opportunity for developers, who can contribute to continue growing as a platform and continue to innovate as Cryptocurrency, a great initiative that should be used to the fullest.

I created my Steemit account to learn more about crypto and blockchain. And more specific about the financial part of it, since I'm an economist.

So in this case I wonder, where does the Steemit personnel get paid from? Does Steemit have any income?

I don't have any talents but I am happy to see you posting regularly @ned, it gives me hope that someday I will have something to contribute worthy of an @ned vote.

Ever since I joined steemit, I've come to realise that I love computer science. Thinking of going back to school to study computer programming

this is what i want to see... HIRING TALENT ! peace (-:

this is good information, especially for comrades who have great skills to develop sophisticated applications. I will inform the information to my friends.

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First of all,I would like to thank you for providing this platform.Iam very thankful to you.This provided me oppurtunity to earn money which helped me many times in getting food,daily needs etc.This is the only platform which gives rewards for a common man like me for talent.Hope your (actually our) community "steemit" grows bigger and bigger.Have a good day.

Thank you @ned for giving us this wonderful opportunity😃 ..there is no social media like steemit which would help a common man getting paid for their talent and u r providing opportunities for them to prove their talent..the money which has been generated in @steemit has helped me in buying my daily needs,food,and for books....thanking you are a big man with a big heart..I am not an engineer for being hired by you..I'm a @medico and I hope I will help you for sure in my respective field being a part of steemit community ..and I hope u will get an awesome engineers...Hope u will like me ...yours dayaabhishek

Sir, we have added to the stream that you are about to join, but you can not get any success, but you have said that you need the right people behind it but we are giving labor through the night and the day together, but nothing is getting in return, and the way the price goes down There will be no subscriber because one sbd was between 15 to 2000 taka or 1000 rupees in current market, now it is 90 to 100 rupees. So if no steem customer I do not want to do this, so I think this steem dollar should be worth the price of the stream if no customer wants to work and do not want to work so I think that you have asked to join. Ok we have joined so we hope that you Do not worry about the price of ice cream. They do not say what they said. We're doing this for a while, but we're working on a day to work with a worker but we're not If we do not get the price, we will think that you will try our best to pay levy and wait for your fair price. We think that you will investigate the facts and find billions of people, and that's what I want you to do. Finding billions of people out there so I think sir that you are demra examined what to do Because what else is going where I was going, I think it would not be better without deterioration steem2

Hopefully we can have some great announcements from the team real soon.

Good Luck @ned :)

Good to know you are investing in the future of Steem. Felt a bit stale recently. Hopefully we will have a lot of new features soon.

Imformative post.thanks for sharing sir @ned

hi @ ned, i can ask for help, how to get my steemit password is gone, now i can not go back to my steemit, help me

Do you think is @Ned right person to ask your password? LoL You can ask helpdesk

@ned is there any channel for submitting suggestions to steemit? Something better than posts cause many can get lost in the sea of posts.
A friend has some suggestions about better cross platform payment methods that can benefit the overall user experience.

@ned can africans too apply for the job?

Be sure to let us know what you’ve been up to in the community as well, because that involvement is some of the best experience.

If you're looking for developers, that can also represent Steemit on Steemit, @ned, then I'd recommend taking a look at all those "large user-groups" like @utopian-io, @steemstem, @steemcleaners or the like and personally (or command someone to) ask around there, if anyone is capable and interested in joining the team.

Then you'd have someone with a good, reputable, background and potential programming capabilities, if they can hold up to their promises, which they most likely will, if they stem from repsected positions in these places. :)

You need to hire communications & marketing people too if you want to win this game

I really wish I could contribute in this area by providing something tangible for the success of steemit because they have been a blessing in my life and Africa at large. God bless you @ned and ur entire team 4 such a privilege..

Well I do Technical Recruiting and since the Engineering jobs are okay with Remote.

Also I will not be using my recruitment agency but personal contacts and my recruitment list that I have created through out the years and will just refer them to you Lever site so that they can apply personally.

I have to agree though that Utopian is one of the best place to look for people that already familiar with the Steem Blockchain.

That is an excellent idea @ned If you want one day for steemit to replace facebook, there must be an investment on the user experience on the platform and for that you will need to hire engineers, and most probably designers. With the improvement of the user experience, more and more people will join and in time the price of steem will rise.

There should be opportunity for other talent other than software developers. I have friends who are software developers but are not on steemit, how can we go about that. Thank you very much steemit because you have change a lot of life

this is great @ned

i ll speak this to my who are developers abkut this opportunity

pls how will the application process be like?@ned

Hey @ned, big fan of your work here :D, this is a great oportunity, we got really good develpers and great ideas here in venezuela, I wish I could work with you, but for the moment I only know javascript, hope you can find what you're looking for, keep it up.

Let's change the world

Steemit always has some great drama.
Ned upvoting people and then in comes bernie to downvote those upvotes.

@ned I really do hope you find some people. And I hope that you get a good project manager that will actually do some testing before releasing code to live. Yesterdays update where you couldn't read what you were agreeing to wasn't great.


Dats great!

@ned you have a community problem on your hands, one vote for one person needs to happen. People making multiple accounts still wouldn't be as bad as people with high sp being able to control the whole site.

This is a great opportunuty for a lot of people thanks Ned and steemit

Dear, Ned.

Great initiative, it is important to take into account "Superior Quality" to establish conditions and generate solutions on this wonderful platform, there is much to contribute and propose for the good of steemit for the future, @ned I guarantee you that if we can achieve it, residing in venezuela, master trading with experience, my concept is to generate solutions to this new financial era of the XXI century.

If the conditions exist to innovate, let me know,

We invent or err @ned

Good sir @ned great work best of luck

I agree that utopian is the best source finding the people you need @ned . It's amazing how many hidden treasures there are.. they even don't know it themselves..

When Henry Ford decided to produce his famous V-8 motor, he chose to build an engine with the entire eight cylinders cast in one block, and instructed his engineers to produce a design for the engine. The design was placed on paper, but the engineers agreed, to a man, that it was simply impossible to cast an eight-cylinder engine-block in one piece.

Ford replied,''Produce it anyway.” That is what Ned is doing!!!

Can you hire someone who can get rid of all the negative people like @berniesanders? I might stick around then.

Hello @ned

You are really doing a great job to keep this community growing.
There is a friend of mine who is a wizard when it comes to software and application building. He is a software engineer. His name is Josh and he has account in most of the freelancing. I can kindly hint him on this.


Too bad it can't be remote work...

I have some ideas for Steemit and will be pursuing them independently, but I'd much rather be part of the movement. Kindly reach out if you are interested in help with B2B sales! To be clear, I am not a marketer. I make sales happen directly. Best Wishes!