Steemit is hiring!

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Come work for Steemit!

If you’re a talented software engineer who loves the challenges of building cutting edge apps for cryptocurrency (and especially for Steem), then we want to hire you. We’re looking for talented people who also have a superpower. Ours is empowering others with cryptocurrency, can your powers contribute?

Because we strive to create an inspiring culture of great, action-oriented people, our process is genuinely made for us to get to know each other. We want to learn about what makes you great, and we can tell you about our warp-speed success and how you can contribute to future growth.

We are always seeking A+ quality “Full-Stack” (Python JavaScript and C++) engineers. We also currently have positions open for “Agile Program Managers” and “DevOps Engineers.” If you want to be a part of something like this, then send us your resume. Be sure to let us know what you’ve been up to in the community as well, because that involvement is some of the best experience.

Ready to apply? Visit us and make contact on Lever:!


@utopian-io has the biggest community of devs on this blockchain. Their work is public and reviewed dozens of times on a constant basis. What better way to spot a good candidate @ned? ;)

Some hints @miniature-tiger @nepeta @emrebeyler @tensor oh well...and too many others.

There is a channel for networking with them named #developers on our Discord server.

Just shared this link over there.

I guess @holger80 is an awesome python dev as well, and should be mentioned ;) (he's the beem dev for anyone wondering (beem is a steem python module))

Absolutely agreed!

agree! @holger80 would be definitely a great choice. His library works pretty nice and I was able to have my first bot running within a quite short time.
I am new to python but have "some" (about 40 years) of experience in hardware development, different type of microcontrollers coded in C or even Assembler....
So maybe if there is something like hardware-wallet to be developed one day or hardware safe for keys... Something like this :-) I could do from scratch with prototype and PCB-Layout.

prob be a good idea to hire an expert in financial law and to hire an expert in cryptocurrencies before they launch securities themselves

@jonklinger is the man you seek.

Why not @amosbastian for Python... Lets not forget he coded the new utopian bot :D

Because i need him so much

@utopian-io, you guys definetely deserve a higher recognition for your work, together with Busy I'd say you are the ones with no influence from Steemit Inc that have done a great job in giving more utilities to the Steem Blockchain.

Sorry my dear friends @safedeposit

We really, really appreciate the support.

Working hard on making Utopian even better and launching our new frontend soon. Stay tuned for updates! Together we can make both Steem and the Open Source space great!

Hi @ned, it is nice from Steemit Inc to increase the number of workers they have to speed up the development (there are many things we are waiting for).
If I were you I would contact @yabapmatt, he is an excellent developer that has created important tools for Steem such as the famous SteemBottracker together with the first game ever created in the Steem Blockchain called SteemMonsters, he would definitely be a nice developer to hire together to the many experienced ones carrying dapps such as,, Dlive and Dsound.
Thanks for listening to us for suggestions.

You copied my comment:
I have flagged you and reported you to SteemCleaners, you won't get away with it.

I agree with you

Utopian truly have capable hands in handling this. Search no further

@sambillingham is amazing as well, but I think @ned knows this already!

is the flagging attack over here now? guess so

Greetings, Ned.

How nice steemit hiring in this area. I live here in Brazil and I'm a psychologist. I met the Steemit network earlier this year of 2018. I like to publish texts that involve psychology, mainly, besides talking about personal finance and other matters.

Is there any paid work I can do at Steemit??
If there is, please let me know.

Thank you very much and good morning!

Nice one, even i myself am into Logo Designing, do many here for my community....

You should definitely invest into an user experience designer as well, to make the experience of steemit more user friendly 😉

Some sort of godlike PR manager to handle damage control for the blockchain in the coming bear period for all cryptos is necessary as well. Someone who can make it seem like we have some unique value propositions so there's some sort of investment floor to stand on when the speculation cools off.

Pay-to-play services that use the blockchain and its native cryptocurrencies as their payment method would create non-speculative demand for STEEM. Hundreds of apps like SteemMonsters are needed.

I would say SMonsters is a bad example, as it is a speculative play in itself to most, but oddly didn't go the route that the rare pepe game did with some cards having fixed supply.

I haven't paid any attention to the kind of game SteemMonsters is. The point is, however, that to play the game, you have to buy cards with SBD, if I'm correct, which creates non-speculative demand for SBD and STEEM.

yes we really do need a salesman to sell steempower to people as something you can always grow via DPOS voting and the hopefully passive income you can make as long as steem price goes up or sideways, but even if it goes down you still earn steem tokens, so your stake grows even if the value in dollars doesnt, and for most of us we know that even if it takes a year or two steem is a long term winner for us that will easily earn its place above $10 or $20 for a decade or more if it goes through the possible next two years of a bear market with loads of development and infrastructure and steem ecosystem building and reenforcing. We can become a serious internet culture more powerful than the most dedicated cult like groups online, because we actually pay our users who engage the most... and so crypto investors will see value in us if we have a GREAT salesperson to SELL Steempower as a crypto you can actually USE and play with instead of just buying and boringly hodling

@markkujantunen brings up the need for more @steemmonsters like stuff and wooohoo yup thats right! i imagine it like a box of steem powered toys! We have SO many cool steem dapps and games to create, many of them will be kind of off chain with the game using steem accounts for the game accounts but handling the game off chain and that is ok! we will see SO many apps for steem as soon as people realize how fun and rewarding it is to develop for! its like making apps for the first iphone app store!
I am telling you, PYSCHOLOGISTS and professors will make steem apps and frontends that TEST peoples abilities to hold off rewards long term vs short term, we will test conditioning classical and operand and how people react to money and getting paid for upvotes and content and comments... oh ist going to be a brave new world indeed! Steem is worth exploring in an academic scientific neurological setting, so many steem based studies NEED to be done like facebook did, to find out how people react to the emojis etc to find out who we can improve the UI but ALSo to improve the way people save and spend their money, custom wallets that lat you lock your own wallet by making you solve an algebra equation to spend your money sooner than a month or so :D

We could develop so many great new ways to make plugins that find out EXACT amounts to upvote people based on how much they interact with you!
Automated upvotes decided by Bots is going to be the FUTURE of steem! The bot controlling your human account will upvote your repliers based on how much a user interacts with you and how long and original their replies to you are etc, how much they upvote you and how loyal of a upvoter or commenter they are can all be taken into consideration so you will have the freedom to set different parameters to ensure you are automatically upvoting the people who are virtually closest to you and trying the hardest on steem so no one gets left out :) For a more efficient experience where no one is wasted and everyone gets recognized automatically, these will be gamed so systems will need to be smart and hybrid between human and bots. It will be glorious!

rad ideas. Sounds like you'll neeed your own smart media token


+1 this is more important than you think!!!

Unfortunately so many companies think they don't need it - or they have some sort of guy who thinks he can do everything ... and fails hard at the ux part 😔

The “Agile Program Managers” position comes across as interesting. A friend must see this.
By the way, I'll like to find out, must employees be resident in the USA? cc: @ned.

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I've seen it (via the link). Thanks a million, I really appreciate this!

Your welcome 😉

Applied! I hope "remote ok" works for "very remote ok" also. :)

The family is getting bigger and better

I love steemit very much.i am getting rewrd for my posts and i dont how steem or steem dollars are generating? Can anyone explain it plz
Thanks you @ned for giving this social and business network. I bought a nice book with the reward i got from my posts.
Sry i am not a engineering student.i hope u will get good and amazing softare engineers.
Thank you
Yours @summisimeon

The liquid payouts are based on the amount of SBD tokens in existence compared to the STEEM marketcap.

  • When the number of SBD tokens is < 2% of the STEEM marketcap, then the liquid payout is 100% SBD / 0% STEEM.
  • When the number of SBD tokens is between 2% and 5% of the STEEM marketcap, then the liquid payout changes linearly from 100% SBD / 0% STEEM to 100% STEEM / 0% SBD.
  • When the number of SBD tokens is above 5% of the STEEM marketcap, then the liquid payout is 100% STEEM / 0% SBD.

Thanks for this explanation. I have also wondered why sometimes we receive rewards in sbd&sp, and at times steem,sbd and sp.cheers to steemit

Well just to clarify, the steem/SBD youre getting is actually printed up or minted via (delegated) Proof of stake, it is inflation, controlled consensus based inflation where every year just a few percent of steem and sbd are generated, and its all based on the reward pool of around 700,000+ Steem a week or around 27 million this year and every year the inflation percentage goes down

So just remember, Steem is printed up kinda like how the central banks print up fiat paper money EXCEPT steem cannot just be printed up whenever anyone wants, you must first of all own stake and then you ONLY get as much allocation of the reward pool as you can afford to buy ;) So you just basically get a certain amount of money based on how much Steempower you have... in basic simple terms.... the more SP you have the more money you can allocate, because everyday theres new steem being created by witness nodes yes the witnesses who run the top 20 servers are the closest thing to the Bitcoins POW Mining Farms that actually CREATE the new bitcoin. For us new steem is generated via witnesses to then be allocated to people via votes that pay out from our reward pool... this pool of money is just generated and is just given to whoever the stake owners(SP) give it to, whether thats themselves with a self vote or someone else, or they can sell their vote to get liquid from their SP immeidtaly or lease it on the Market for 25% interest I believe meaning, and dont quote me but if you have 10,000SP you can make 2,500 steem a year from leasing your SP for liquid steem. which you can then power up and you would then have 12500 SP to lease and youd make even more and it would snowball until you reach a limit because there is a limit of around a few million SP that you can find to lease, only people like blocktrades and others can do that and his spots are all taken, youud have to have a good relationship with a big whale who doesnt mind letting you use his SP when he or she could just s easily make that money for themselves, from what i hear having that much SP gets you made so much more of the reward pool, it is a rare thing to have, its powerful to be able to generate this much money of a website :D its insane when you step back from this Borg matrix and realize how many of us have been actually either-living off or making fortunes off of a WEBSITE :D Its magic internet money for sure!

tldr; steem is printed up digitally by witnesses via consensus based inflation, set at a declining inflation rate that shrinks every year, and the price is held up by the free market on exchanges etc.

I think @timcliff 's explanation was a little more than you asked for, :D I think he was just showing off with a little known fact :D and I am happy he did because wow i didnt know we had that mechanism but I knew we had to have something to control the price of SBD or limit its supply etc, i am just wondering if this means that if enough sbd is produced, no one would get any liquid payouts just Sp and theyd have to power down to get liquid? is that true? but has that ever happened no right? and how could that even hap[en? what would cause the number of SBD tokens to grow that large that they are above 5% of the steem marketcap? Would that be from price of sbd going up? or down? lol i know when it goes down UNDER $1 theres a mechanism to push it backup to $1 but from what Ive heard, not much of a mechanism to push it back to $1 if it starts to be pushed ABOVE $1 :) I am seeing @freedom is able to now push sbd back to $1 soon with his nearly 800,000 SBD accumulated ready to sell off to push sbd down :)

This is good news. I'd definitely tell my friends about this. An opportunity to work with the platform will be a privilege

The future of Steemit just got brighter!

Are you looking for a QA team to help review code before it is pushed out?

You should hire some staff with experience in service management and itil

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