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Thanks for the info.

Reputation actually controls moderating power in that system. So people still desire upvotes; somewhat like tokens. And popular discussions get tens of thousands of views. People want that.

Right, I'm not saying there isn't any motivation to want the votes, but winning moderating power and views is a lot different than winning tokens of value. For one, those things only matter when the network is successful, so it's inherently contained to be something that you don't want to go too far with.

Their model works for those incentives, but it doesn't mean something similar would work for UUNIO if they're giving out tokens.

Incidentally I just made a post about ratings systems if you're interested (was thinking about it and was already starting it during these comments lol).

p.s. I see that you also knew to avoid Ties in the blocktrades world cup 😆 kudos, see you at the finish line if there's any justice in the world

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I agree with your point.

Will check out your post :thumbsup: