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RE: You have 13 months to plan the BIGGEST STEEM-PARTY IN LATIN AMERICA!!

in #gathering2 years ago

I will be at SteemFiesta - Sponsoring some Beer and Sparkling vine. Use me often and win a Michael Kors watch next month! See my page for details!

@Booster, the original BidBot!


@Booster is owned by Booster Inc, a subsidiary of Fyrstikken Inc, it shares 100% of liquid income with 100% of the delegators, the best bot on STEEM, try it out and be maybe a little bit amazed?

Operator contracted to @TheDegenSloth who also work on a website and have said he will make @booster the best bot in the world with some upgrades.

I have my doubts, but I will give him a chance to impress me. He get 5% of the liquid revenues, but I pay for it from my cut so that it is fair for everyone else.

I like Fair.

what about Brazil? any news about Brazil?