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Today is all about gates and gateways. It's #gatethursday in the #sevendaysoutside challenge initiated by @erikah I have had these two photos on my desktop for at least six months and was waiting for the opportunity to post them. The contrast between these two images is what interests me.
This first blue gate below was photographed in a village in Cambridgeshire.
I like this distressed look although in this case it is natural rather than made by artifice.

Blue Gate Distressed

blue gate black door.jpg

I took this second photo of a gateway in Dubai. I can't be certain but I think it was the gateway to the Palm Jumeirah complex where they built a whole new coastline. I took this from the car park hence the strange feel to the image.

Palm Jurmeirah Gate

entrance to the palm.jpg

These two gateways couldn't be more different. One is old and dilapidated while the other is brand new and pristine. Which one do you think looks more attractive? It is just a matter of subjective taste. There is no right answer. This is the last post in this series.

Make sure to use your own original photographs and have some fun with this. :)

My seven posts in this series.

Cromer Pier

These are the days and categories:

#BrickSaturdayBricks (bricks only, no pavement elements or cobblestones please)
#StreetlampSundayStreet Lamps

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I love the charm of the first one, and the 2nd is very grand! Much too different to compare. And you completed your 7 day goal! Congrats!


I have to agree with your assessment.
This #sevendayoutside goal was a little trickier than it seemed when I started it lol
My head felt like it was on a swivel looking for the various elements and had to raid the archives too :-)

I used to love the Doors/Gateways i the middle east hen I visited - I was fascinated by how ornate and really detailed they were, and it intrigued me, always wondering what lay behind them.

The houses or building itself could be completely dilapidated but the doors were always masterpieces.


You are right they do spend a lot of time and money decorating gateways in the Middle East. Very ornate entrances. They are portals to who knows what? :-)

A hard choice .. I like them both.


They both have interesting features. I agree.

For me definitely the old and distressed blue gate. Every scratch can tell its own story. The new one may look more beautiful at the moment, but it had no "soul" yet.


I agree, the dark marks around the handle alone show the many 1,000's of times the gate has been opened.
Soulless, yes this is the thing with many new things.

both are cool but I have to say I prefer the old one myself


The blue one has so much more depth and character. It has a story that is obviously quite old.
The new portal seems overblown with it's own importance. Just my opinion. :-)


I could not have said it better

I would say the blue one @molometer. It looks very similar to the doors to our garage in our mews. 😁


You should take a photo and enter it into this challenge. :-)


Good idea @molometer. I'll try and remember to take a picture while the weathers good again. 😁

Poto very beautiful, I am interested to see it


Thank you for popping in. :-)

I like them both distinctly.


Thanks Paul, they are both pretty distinct. :-)