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Maintenance schedule where you're checking air filters and you're changing oil and you're checking seals and you're greasing bearings you're greasing linkage parts you're greasing your wheels anywhere you can put some grease it helps to go a long ways I'm talking about things like changing clutch fluid and changing all types of things changing your fork oil if you can do just a little TLC even just keeping the gas gas motorcycles for sale clean is good maintenance it goes a long way to have a little elbow grease on your bike it will last longer it won't break as much and you'll have a better experience having bling on your bike may make it look better or cool but it does nothing to make you a better rider so there's thousands and thousand dollars you can spend on like gear and bling in parts and pipes and all this other stuff it will not make you a better writer the only thing that will make you a better rider is gas and seat time and tires really just practice on the bike so these things maybe make your ga s gas motorcycles for sale look cool it doesn't even make it worth more hardly at all pennies on the dollar so I'd spend your money on the gas and tires another common mistake we see is not covering the brake and clutch at all times with one or two fingers covering it just means that my finger is up here in case I need to give a little bit of clutch or in case I need to give a little bit of brake over here on this hand if you're covering those with one or two fingers.

Keeping Your Ride Clean

You were ready at all times to give minor inputs into these controls and it's super important it's okay that you know grab a fistful of Fistful of your grips if you're going up a hill sometimes but you need to sneak this finger up here and give a little stab a clutch so it's a good idea to just let these things kind of be trained to come out here and cover these controls almost all the time another common mistake I see is when people buy like a bargain-basement helmet or boots please don't scrimp on helmets please don't scrimp on boots and when you have a really good knocking on your head you hit the ground really hard it's probably time to retire that helmet they're only designed to withstand about one really really hard impact and the boots are gonna save your feet and your toes and your ankles and everything else so you got to spend some high dollar on the boots and the helmets a major mistake that came up again and again was not carrying water so find yourself a good hydration pack something that you can carry water and tool and food and anything else but water is paramount so make sure you bring plenty of water this is a three three liter water hydration pack and I try to have this mostly full every time I go ride another common mistake we see is not having your toes pointed in towards the dirt bike if you point them in like this it helps you to pinch the gas gas motorcycles for sale better with your legs and with your body but it also keeps your toes from getting wiped off by rocks and roots and other things there's a lot of benefits that come from pointing that toe in it doesn't have to be like clear like this but just a little bit just point it in just like that I lit this it'll help you in so many ways and when you get lazy and you get this thing out here your leg starts flapping around you can't hang on the gas gas motorcycles for sale and your foots gonna get ripped off so turn that toe in you'll be glad that you did also make sure to ride on the ball of your foot here and not on the arch