Garden Update: good Start this year.

in gardenupdate •  6 months ago

Are garden went in late but has come up quick.
I am companion planting the corn with the green beans. I have also put the pumpkins in between the rows of corn. Pumpkins choke out the weeds quite nicely. I am a bit concerned that the green beans and pumpkins seem to be taking off quicker than the corn. I am hoping that they don’t overgrow the corn.
Tomatoes are looking awsome!
I will be cutting the pods off of the garlic this week. Probably a month to harvest time for the fall planting.
Should be eating lettuce next week too.
Until next time
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You are great man on gardening..I am a gardener too...I like your job.


Thanks! Love to garden!

Looking like a nice garden


Yes thank you it is coming along nicely.