Garden Update: almost all planted

in gardenupdate •  6 months ago

This is the first year in about 7 years that we have tilled any soil. But we expanded our garden significantly. We are experimenting with some giant beets that were used for fodder back in the day. We are also growing corn and growing pickling cucumbers and dill to sell .
We got a variety of tomatoes. Kathy likes the Roma’s for canning and freezing. I have a couple of good fresh eating tomatoes and we always plant a cherry tomatoes or two.
We planted a black sweet corn, pumpkin pie pumpkins, Detroit dark red beets, peas, little finger carrots, dill, lettuce, more garlic, and enough onions to last us a year. We use the yellow and we can usually get them to keep till the next batch is ready. We still need to plant blue meal corn, zucchini, green beans and maybe a good jack o lantern pumpkin.
Here is the first batch of peas I planted.
And I see another rhubarb pie in my future.

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That looks beautiful. I love pickling cucumbers. Have you ever heard of Back To Eden? We actually started deep mulching. It is so easy to weed now, everything pulls right out


Yes I am familiar with that video and have messed with that a little. I usually deep mulch my hoop beds. I struggled with the snails last year

we also planted summer vegetables successfully


Ooh nice! already have vesting tomatoes.


here the sunlight is its peak , how to keep such plants save?

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