Green Girl Chronicles Seed to Garden🌱🌿

in gardentips •  17 days ago

Over the weekend the Fava Beans, Pintos and Bush Lake Beans sprouted out and I transplanted them into bigger containers. I ran out of grow pots so I took a bunch of plastic cups I recycled from parties etc. and punched holes in the bottom with a tiny nail for drainage. I like using the cups so far, they are deeper and don't shed soil out of the bottom like the other square ones do. I picked up a bunch of old 1 gallon grow pots today from a friend that was throwing them out. I'll wash and sterilize them and transplant most of the bigger starts, like the beans in those.

The beans are a bit yellow, might be time to add a bit of fish emulsion or some sort of nitrogen feed to them. Fava beans can withstand really cold temperatures, I have about 10 plants In my yard and even in the snow they are still alive. I saw a hummingbird eating of the flowers these last two months.

You can eat the small new growth leaves, the flowers and the beans. If you chop of the tops regularly it forces the roots to form nodulus that are like nitrogen tentacles for other plants. If I have containers of veggies and even some herbs, I'll put a fava in the pot as a companion helper, makes all other plants super healthy and happy.
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