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in #gardens3 years ago

My post today is actually coming from inside. It is snowing today...and it is REALLY cold. It is supposed to continue to snow for hours. The next few days will have record low temperatures....down to -40 windchill. Brrrrr!


I hope it is warm wherever you are. Thank you for visiting today.


Glad im in Florida.

I'm sure it is much warmer where you are! :)

Feels like an old fashioned winter, doesn't it? Schools here are closed and I'm watching it all happen through the window, too!

No school here today...waiting to see if there will be school tomorrow. We will likely not have school on Wednesday or Thursday due to the cold. We were very spoiled before Christmas with those warm temperatures and no snow. Winter is making up for it in January!

I'm guessing that unless things change there will be no school all week! Dangerous Cold.

It's looking that way.

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