Updates on @quinneaker + We're Banned From Facebook

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  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, Quinn’s health continues to improve, getting stronger and better every day! In fact, despite his wounds and the injustices against him, he's already back to progressing in projects that will make the world a better place for many more people than ever before. Truly Quinn's spirit is nothing short of amazing!

  • We have lots of info to share and will present all of our evidence for a truthful account of the events that transpired on May 23 that resulted in Quinn being stabbed multiple times, then his unjustified arrest and the debauchery of an investigation that followed (yes, FOLLOWED his arrest). This is yet another example of the Arlington Police Department’s ineptitude, violation of rights, and gross negligence and misconduct. 

  • For just one example, the assailant is not only still free, but continues to terrorize members of the community, as there is evidence he is sneaking back onto the property. Quinn wants to press charges against his assailant and many of us have requested restraining orders, but nothing has been done by law enforcement to honor these wishes.

  • After we shared the alarming news that Quinn was attacked, many members of our community have been banned from Facebook. We cannot log into the Garden of Eden Facebook page and are told it has been unpublished, and 3 members of our community are notified that they are in violation of community standards for very, very old photos.  They are trying to censor us.

This is one reason why the blockchain is going to be ever more important as we share the events that unfolded at the Garden of Eden. 

Our photos, videos, affidavits will be posted on the censorship resistant STEEM blockchain first - give thanks for the power of blockchain tech!!!! 

We have massive amounts of info to release - please help us share it as it comes out! This system is unacceptable, and they are trying to limit our voice in speaking out. Let’s use blockchain for glorious truth and justice!!!!!!

We have had numerous requests asking how people can be of service to help @quinneaker and our community @gardenofeden, and we are extremely grateful for that support!! Here's what you can do to help:

  1. Send good vibes! Prayer, dancing, meditating, chanting - anything you do to activate that light & love force of LIFE, please send some to @quinneaker for a speedy, easy healing!
  2. PLEASE SHARE these posts by resteeming on the blockchain and through other media outlets!!
  3. Donate to Quinn's Freedom Fund in fiat using the Donate button at the top of our homepage: www.intothegardenofeden.com
  4. Donate to Quinn's Freedom Fund in crypto through a free and instantaneous transfer here on the Steem blockchain, or send

    BTC 1MkEBgUSSd41jGzeAHP4HPhoFRLeb2UU4H

    LTC  Levh2ph11Bmsi3aPw3dB6jazvpGfMwKceW

    EOS or ETH  0x8F7bd2F6Cc132c62C3E9D7CC7f9aaB2c0ED84491
  5. We need a civil prosecutor AND a criminal defense lawyer! If you are an honorable lawyer or have a great recommendation for one, please contact us. 


For now, instead of giving away all of our resources towards helping others and providing free food, clothing, and shelter to anyone as we have for the past decade, we are now redirecting everything we have towards keeping Quinn out of jail.



Facebook and YouTube are everything but social networking, they are social conscripting and true free speech, particularly about injustices such as this, are censored so it doesn’t ruin the blind and confused message that people do often have there. Hopefully places such as Steemit don’t follow this path but at least posts cannot be removed from the block chain.

Thank you for the update on Quinn I am glad he’s doing better. Wishing you folks all the best and hope we can come out of this on top.

Thank you @cmplxty! Yes the censorship runs deep on old paradigm platforms. We're grateful to have the blockchain to record this event, and hope that it is shared far and wide

Thanks for the update!! Glad to hear Quinn is healing and starting to regain strength. Doesn’t surprise me about Fascistbook. Still, you have worked hard to build that page and it was probably a big way that you were staying connected with those in your area and raising money to deal with this.

Thanks @coruscate. We rarely posted natively on FB anymore, and mainly used it to share our steemit posts. it is a huge network and it sucks to lose access to it.

They probably didn't like you "promoting" another social community on there. I assume they won't point out what specifically you've done that "broke the rules," right?

Wow this shit's insane! So glad to know you're doing better @quinneaker. You're all in my thoughts and prayers and I'm sharing this and all other updates to Facebook. Maybe they'll ban me next.
And I don't understand why they're telling y'all your page has been unpublished. I just went to it and took this screenshot just a few minutes ago as soon as I read this post. WTF is really going on? The higher up authoritah's have got to be behind this, not just Arlington. Makes me sick and breaks my heart.


Yes we see the page is still there - not sure why we were notified it was unpublished. We cannot post to it, and we cannot share things from Twitter or instagram to FB anymore either.

F... Facebook! Left it 4 years ago ;)
Good recovery vibes for the warrior @quinneaker
Use Mother Earths best... herbs!
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We mainly use it to share Steem posts
Yes thanks we are great healers and feel supremely confident in our abilities, skills, and plant and other medicines for a fast recovery! Thank you so much for your well wishes !

Thank you for your answer! Well, it sounds like he is in good hands. I started also using my voice, like cats after a fight, they heal themselves with their own "sound" > good vibrations & frequencies.
80% water swings with that ;)
Be blessed & soon come

I’m still in shock. It amazes me how much cruelty there is in our law enforcement. I was a cop in the military and my heart thrives on making sure everyone is safe and secure. It makes me nauseous just knowing that these cops call themselves protectors. They took and oath and yet they’re being led like little puppets. Thank you for keeping us updated. Shared and voted, always and forever.

Thank you @bunnymoney <3
Sending love and light back to you!
Yes we are shocked too, but unfortunately this is yet another example of corruption and ineptitude in law enforcement.

Losing Facebook is no big loss, but I hope Quinn recovers quickly. That's awful, and I still don't understand on what grounds he was arrested. So confused!

We used it mainly to share our steem posts, but we have an extensive network there that still gets more views than steem.
We have no idea on what grounds Quinn was arrested either!!!! Imagine our shock and confusion!!

Watch this and do further research on it. I think this is why they're trying so hard to take y'all down. They're preparing intentional disaster and don't want anyone who could lead a resistance free to be able to do it. There's nothing any of us can do to stop this from happening. All we can do is prepare, flee, hide. Believe I'm crazy if you want but at least watch this...

Knowing you guys, this situation will be healed through love and forgiveness. Don't let their machinations turn you away from love & light

that's ok FB kinda sucks anyway

We mostly only used it to share steem posts anyway, but we have a huge network on there

get a fucking paintball gun and blast that fucker .... i dont let pepole jsut fuck me up yeesh grow some balls.. i aint scared 2 fight nopony! aliens included lol!

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LOL no shit facebook is ran by whores dats why i havent used it in month i only ever get on there threw other ppl's accounts anymore and thats quite infrequient.

Fantastic post friend thanks

that was good news update... thanks for informative post..

That is honestly, not surprising about FB. Glad to hear Quinn is improving, look forward to hearing more about this craziness.

You know you've made it when you get banned from Facebook :D

Thanks for the update! Sending good vibes your way!

Great to hear he's is on the mend. Better of without FaceBook I think it on it's way out anyways. Steem on! Sending reiki vibes to you all 💯🐒

I just read it about what happened to @quinneaker and I'm shocked!!! I'm really really sorry, I don't have words :( I send all my prayers and my good vibes. I hope everything will be better asap !

thanks for this update everlove.. im really happy that QUinn is recovering and has motivation to do great things..

its really sad to see that you have been shut down fy Facebook.. I can only assume the police requested this? is that what you think.. or were your pictures somehow THAT bad?!!

very strange.. and .. shit.. do we even have free speech anymore??? its a disturbing trend!

sending huge love and hugs to you all