A Beginner's Guide to Wilderness Survival and Bush Crafting Part 4: Don't Panic!

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There are many things you can do to prepare yourself beforehand in case of a survival situation, but ultimately your success or failure depends on your choices in the moment of emergency.

Master of survival @quinneaker has shared some of potentially life-saving tips for disaster preparedness in this multi-part series. While getting healthy, educating yourself and practicing, and carrying appropriate gear on a daily basis are all preemptive steps you can take to boost your chances of surviving an emergency, what matters most is maintaining your MENTAL POSTURE.

A calm, focused, steady mindset will help you the most in escaping from zombies during the apocalypse, or taking shelter in a hurricane, or gathering food if you are abandoned in the wilderness, or any other unforeseen circumstance befalls you. If you are in a situation where your life is on the line, being alert and rational is the best thing you can do for your own thrival.

Thus, today's tip to enhance your mental posture in a survival situation is


The main thing in a survival situation is your perspective, your approach, your relationship with the situation...not necessarily the gear that you have. No matter how dangerous a situation is, if you get scared, you are more likely to make a mistake. Your MENTAL POSTURE will determine your experience. ​​

It is totally possible to stay calm!

If you’re stressed, your heart rate and metabolism will increase, your adrenaline will pump, you’ll burn more calories, and you will dehydrate. You’ll get thirstier quicker, you’ll get hungrier quicker, you’ll get tired quicker. If you're looking at a survival situation that might last days or weeks, freaking out depletes your body's precious reserves, and you will have to expend more energy replenishing them. ​​

If and when you’re ever in an actual survival situation, take deep breaths. Find your calm, find your center, find your peace to conserve your body’s resources. You will find it easier to think and act clearly; your mental and physical preparation will be more accessible and fluid if your energy is not diverted to activating your brain's panic circuits. 

This is simple and accessible but wise and valuable advice. If you are someone who panics easily, start training yourself now to maintain calm focus! There are many things you can do on a regular basis to improve and center your mindset in all situations:

  • Take a deep breath. It is of ultimate importance, and it makes everything better!
  • Practice yoga. 
  • Enjoy vigorous exercise.
  • Meditate.

If and when a moment of emergency comes, you will conserve tons of energy if you can trust you have a solid mental posture! 

We hope you are inspired to address your MENTAL POSTURE. This is another tip that can improve your life on a daily basis; there's no need to wait until faced with disaster to improve your mental posture and stay calm! Your overall health will be greatly upgraded if you master this skill now.

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