A Beginner's Guide to Wilderness Survival and Bush Crafting, Part 1: Get Healthy

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Wilderness survival and bush crafting skills can potentially save your life one day! 

Given the uncertain times we live in, we believe it makes sense to prepare for the unexpected, so we're sharing tips and techniques from master of survival @quinneaker in a multi-part series.

A survival situation is a state in which you find your life is on the line, and any semblance of normalcy has been shattered. You may be injured or cut off from help; there is likely the element of danger. You have to rely on yourself--true self-sufficiency--to survive.

The thing about “survival situations” is that you can’t plan for a survival situation! Your life could be on the line when some unforeseen circumstance manifests. Maybe you’re going through some cross-country skiing and an avalanche falls,

or an animal attacks you, 

or a meteor hits the ground.

Whatever it is, you weren’t expecting it! Rather than become rigid in your supplies or plan, you can build skills and resources that not only improve your daily life, but that you can draw from and apply to a wide variety of circumstances...which may or may not include a survival situation.

There are many things you can do to prepare, but the truth is you can never really plan for ALL survival situations. When your life is really on the line, the experience, the fear, the intensity of that is something you can’t train yourself for unless you’ve actually been in that situation before. 

Instead of looking at specific techniques like fire building, tanning hides, or making shelter in this introduction post, we are going to look at what I think is the most important element of survivability: MENTAL POSTURE.

It is your perspective; it is your relationship with yourself and the world which is the MOST IMPORTANT facet of either surviving and/or dying in a survival situation.

There are several facets, both pre-emptive and in the moment, that hone your mental posture. The first that we will cover today is to


Quinn is the epitome of health.

This is something that benefits your life every single day. You'll look better, you'll feel better, and it just makes sense. Life is way more enjoyable when you are fit, capable, strong, and thriving.

In a survival situation, you might not have machines or stores or governments to take care of you, right? You’re on your own. If you’re overweight, you won’t be able to move as quickly, you won’t have as much endurance, you won’t be able to climb certain things. You have physical limitations by being overweight, so in a survival situation, you are already at a huge disadvantage. 

Your body gets in its own way if you are overweight. 

Likewise, if you have a medical condition and rely on pharmaceuticals, you will be at a disadvantage when you find yourself in a situation without them. If you don’t have any flexibility, or endurance, or strength, if your body is weak and you smoke all the time so you can’t breathe, you’re going to be at a huge disadvantage in these survival situations.

So get healthy! Lose weight, take deep breaths and meditate, increase your physical endurance and flexibility and strength. Commit to a life of well-being, not for the sake of surviving a potential emergency, but for the sake of feeling good. You will find your MENTAL POSTURE vastly improved when your physical body heals and thrives, when you value and appreciate yourself enough to gift yourself health. 

We are blessed with countless opportunities to increase strength and improve physical fitness on a daily basis in the Garden of Eden.

Getting healthy is a huge upgrade that not only prepares you for a survival situation, but improves life on a moment-to-moment basis. Check out our tips on breathing, hydration, rest, and relaxation for a life of thrival!

We hope you are inspired to get yourself in shape to really thrive and enjoy all that life has to offer. Fitness does wonders to improve your mental posture in survival situations too. Tomorrow, we will share a second important facet of preparing your mental posture for enduring unexpected survival situations - education and practice! 

Cheers to your health and happiness! 

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