My autumn garden update. First snow has come.

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#Good day dear mates!
It has passed couple months since I published my post abbout my garden. But finally I have a little time to tell you about my gardening epirience at this autumn.

And of course this post timed to the October SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge initiated by @simplymike.

First of all I need to say that in Moscow region the first snow fell. And when I woke up all around was white.

And when I came to my garden I saw under the snow late autumn flowers, roses

Plant of lavander was also covered with the snow

Poor plants of arugula, and parsley also appeared under the snow

Even grape which I decided not to take off as long as it possible under the snow.

So now I must admit that active garden season is over for me.
And last berries of strawberry will never become red till next season.

But fortunately I could collect two harvest of strawberry in this year. About first I've already told in my July post.
And the second one I took at the begining of October.

Of course due that fact that autumn was not so sunny as summer this strawberries weren't so sweet but they had taste and smell of summer!

The next one point for me that at this time I collected my first harvest of Munchurian walnuts.What I am very proud of. Since it took me a long 5 years to get the first harvest.

If compare it with other nuts for me it has unusual taste. But anyway I'll grow this walnuts thuther!

Now let's go thuther!
At the end of September - begining of October I collected blackberry.


Berries of Shisandra chinensis.


And of course I collected a little bit apples for my family.

That's all for now!
Thank you for reading! Sincerely yours @travoved!

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Значит уже значительно похолодало в Москве.

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Да уже около - 2 - 0 градусов переключается на зимний режим. Как готовность к Steem Fest?

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Подготовка идёт.

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Круто я надеюсь в Германии если будет время может с кем удастся встретиться из Steem. Если кто откликтнется

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В каком городе будешь?

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Берлин Кёльн Лейпциг Гамбург и Нюрберг

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@tibfox, живёт в Гамбурге.

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Оо надо будет попробовать выйти на него тогда. Спасибо за информацию! 👍

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Я ещё на следующей неделе сделаю пост обращение с предложением встретиться. Может кто-то откликнется ещё

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Ещё Веселин если будет возможность на Steem Fest можешь узнать касаемо Partiko какие дальнейште планы по приложению, и по и которые без VPN не откроешь в России. Может создатели что-то придумают

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I got a bit of shivers when I saw the snow shots... But the flower look so nice with the little hats.
You have a great garden there! And I can imagine how nice it must smell in the fall after the rain.

Thank you! Yes after rain it's great there espesially at spring!

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My favourite quote is 'if you dont plant a walnut tree, in 20 years you wont have walnuts'. I love it as you can apply it to anything. Well done for getting walnuts! Cant believe snow has come so early.

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It's normal, sometimes it happens that snow falls at this time. But in good years I can run even in t-shirts during trainings. Hope next year will be better! 🤞😉

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