🌱Dirty Girl🌸

My Steemit Community Garden

@simplymike, you always inspire me to get growing!


I ummmm cleaned out the soil in prep to plant and then... Jeff found excuses for why we shouldn’t plant edibles here. So many poplar suckers!

Aspen tree suckers... everywhere!

But I did plant a few Tomatoes (in background trough) and we have a raspberry hedge that bees LOVE!



And a stranger...


I have planted many flowers & drought tolerant grasses!

Jeff size flowers, Woolly Thyme.

Native Grass

bee/butterfly mix

Always happier playing in the dirt.



I need to do that ... I have been waiting too long to plant the flowers along my walkway and the side of my driveway .... hopefully this week I get it done !

They make me incredibly happy! When I’m alone, I love to sip coffee (or ale depending on time of day) and just watch my flowers. Like t.v. but better! 🌸

Awww ... I just love how they make the place look so much prettier ... I’m not a fan of indoor plants ... and don’t have much of a green thumb for indoor plants .... but my flowerbeds and roses .... that’s a different story ... lol

Very Beautiful Dorky!! Nice to finally see the garden!!
Hello Jeff!!! lol
Thanks for sharing babe

Thx @monchhichi23, you like my dirt garden? I worked hard on it 😛 do you garden? Share pics? Dead or alive lol

@pretty.dorky I used to dabble in gardening, I love your dirt garden, your yard is beautiful... I do not have a green thumb lol... but I do have a navel orange tree and a pecan tree in my back yard lol... a huge pecan tree

🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸

Looks to be coming together nicely, then when nature moves out form the neighbours and into your yard, get that camera ready time to shoot some pretty birdies, and take pics obviously.

Will all the plants and such be in blook still this summer?


P.S. I see those new lenses are helping to take it to the next level, nice photos even for an Iphone. :)

Thx @penderis! It was not the best light as it was around 1pm when I saw mikes post challenge. But I did my best! 😄 Yes my flowers bloom all summer! 🌸

P.S Great Title 😎

You and your clickbait title, lol.

Nice pics. Thanks for joining.
How do you manage to get those bees to pose for you? They always fly away if I try.

I’m not entirely sure I understand: are you going to plant edibles there, or not?

I love the Jeff-size flowers, and the mix! Looks so beautiful.

(And thanks for giving me a couple more pics for my Jeff-album 😉)

Ha! I took about 50 pics to get some decent bee images. They aren’t the most cooperative models... so busy! I don’t think I will plant veggies there this year. The Aspen trees now shade it for half the day. I’m thinking I’ll plant bulbs this fall for a nice spring tulip garden!

Lol. Yesterday, I spotted this giant grasshopper (‘giant’ as in ‘big for Belgium. You probably have ones that are 5 times bigger). Talking about not-cooperating models... Every time I wanted to take a pic, it jumped to the backside of the leave, like he was deliberately hiding. So now I have a lot of pictures of leaves, and none of the grasshopper :0s

Tulips are a good choice. They’re beautiful ...

Stealthy hopper! 🦗 I had to hang out for a bit. My initial presence made them go to the back of the hedge. But once they saw I was just chillin, they came back. I just tried to focus on open blooms and wait for them to visit. Your challenge was accepted, it was so fun! I loved the sounds of all the bees buzzing about, farming raspberries for us. So nice of them. 🐝

wow, those closeups are amazing. is that with your phone? You were brave to get that close to a hornet!!

Montana girls aren’t scared of hornets! 😎 lol ok I was a lil nervous. In my head, I’m the bug whisperer. 😋 They are with my phone! But I use a clip on lens to get close ups. I originally got it to take better pics of LEGO Jeff, but it’s been super fun for lots of stuff.

That click bait got me lol

Of course it did 😄 even surrounded by plant emojis and amateur dirt pics... who’s the “sucker” now? 😆🌱🌳

You never cease to amaze me lol

"My name is Truce and i responded."

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