February Sun came out today in the Inland Empire..

in #gardening5 years ago (edited)


This is what sitting around and planning my garden looks like this weekend.


This Spring I plan on planting (I reside in Zone 9):

Beef Steak Tomatoes
An assortment of wild flowers (yet to be determined)
A wide variety of cacti and succulents (yet to be determined)


How is your garden doing?

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Raining for dayz...Everything is a soaking, overgrown mess and my really twitchy succulents got fungus or something and curled up and died

Congratulations, @zetetrahedron369 your post won 1st prize in this weeks Show us Your California contest!!

Thank you!

Made my day.

Very nice little composition you have there, and your garden plans sound delicious. :)

Thank you!

It took me about a year or so of experimenting a round with graphics to evolve a composition style that I actually like.

How fun! The list of plants look very worthwhile.. you mentioned wild flowers.. have you considered california poppy? White sage and black sage are lovely as well and smell delicious :)

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