Rosa Rugosa Recipes For Culinary & Beauty

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I was recently asked about the roses that we grow on our homestead and was glad to spend some time sharing some Rosa Rugosa Recipes and tips on caring for and harvesting rose petals and rose hips. I was quite delighted really because they are one of my favorite ingredients to use in the kitchen, the soap room, the apothecary and anywhere else I can think to use them.

Rosa Rugosa, Pierette Pavement

We primarily grow the Pierette Pavement a Rosa Rugosa hybrid Rose. It is a lovely deep It grows abundantly and has endured hard winters, heavy snow and late frosts, always recovering. Hardy to zone 3 this is a rugged rose that can be grown as a hedge. It is not the most elegant rose but it sure is beautiful. This is a dependable and disease/insect resistant rose. This variety is nice and fragrant and repeat blooms until frost. It isn't as fragrant as the famous Rose Otto but it is far more fragrant than a lot of other ornamental varieties. Rosa Rugosa roses also tastes really good!

A Love of Roses

The rose petals are beautiful to work with in skincare and culinary recipes but the rose hips are the most nutritional/medicinal with a wide range of health benefits including being high in vitamin C which is excellent for herbal tonics and syrups. Although there can be a bit of work involved in using the rose hip we think it is well worth the effort.

The trick to getting a LOT of rose hips is to ensure that the flowers have been pollinated before harvesting any roses!

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Rosa Rugosa Recipes For Culinary

You'll find quite a lot of recipes utilizing roses on this website and there will be more coming soon. Here are some of our favorites for culinary use. You can use wild roses and other varieties of rose as long as they have not been treated with chemicals.

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Rosa Rugosa Recipes For Health

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Rosa Rugosa Recipes for Beauty

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Where To BUY rose petals & rose hips

If you don't have access to rose petals or rose hips but would like to create beautiful things with them, you can find organic packages of them online at a variety of locations. I have used and was very happy with the quality of both Davidson's Tea Bulk, Organic Rosehips and Starwest Botanicals: Organic Red Rose Buds & Petals Whole.

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  • Even some cosmetics!
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You can find a few of our rose petal sachets in our homesteaders co-op store. We'll be adding to our inventory in the Autumn. For now I busy admiring, gathering and drying petals and other ingredients from the land for use in this years product line up which I am very excited to share with you.

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Such colour palette, many hero, so elegant!!Resteem for your pic,,,,

Glad you liked the photos! :)

Wish I knew what variety mine is. It doesn't have much scent....

But that's ok, as the Damascus rose makes up for it in spades. :))

But what I like about the rugosa is the huge leaves! They are much larger than any of my other roses.

Maybe you'll find it on this list!
I hope to grow a lot more varieties here eventually and the Damascus rose!! Such a dream!

玫瑰花🌹 Méi Guī Huā in TCM.

It's considered a warm, sweet, slightly bitter herb that helps regulate the flow of Qì, particularly in the Spleen and Liver channels.

I used to give it to patients to have as a tea to help relieve the cramping of menstruation. Also for some cases (but not all) of indigestion. This was one of my favourite herbs, not least of which was because of the smell when I would open the jar. We used the whole young bud.

I reckon the scent of it is what helps... would love to know what's in the volatile oils that does this.

Thanks for your comments @metametheus you've sparked my interest! I though I knew so much about these roses but you've helped me to see how much more there is to know so I plan to dig a lot deeper. I spend quite a bit of time with these roses, in both their fresh or dried state. they are important to me.

I have a pot of fresh rose petals brewing to drink through the day because in addition to back pain I also have menstruation cramps and somehow the combination makes me feel as though I am going to snap in half. Does it matter if you drink it hot or cold? I drink rose petal tea quite a lot but never intentionally to help relieve cramps.

Just like any tea / herbal infusion..... steep for a bit and drink. If you feel relief you can add a couple of slices of fresh ginger 😉🙏🏽☯️

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