A GIANT Heirloom Courgette / Zucchini From My Garden - Looks Like I'll Be Eating This For a While!

in gardening •  2 months ago

As my regular readers will know, I grow food and I like to grow unusual varieties of heirloom seeds too! This is a giant thing that is apparently a courgette! It's about the size of pumpkin...

giant courgette 1.jpg

I have a bunch of these growing on a long vine that is breaking free from my poly tunnel. This is by far the largest one so far though - As you can see, next to this standard coffee cup, it's a very unusual courgette (or Zucchini as American say).

courgette 2.jpg

I sliced this one up today to add to the Awesome pasta dish I just made, it really tasted good - which surprised me a bit as it is so big, but the rockdust in my soil appears to be working and ensuring the foods I grow are loaded with minerals and thus taste too!

courgette 3.jpg

What do you think? Have you ever seen one like this before?

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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LOL are you expecting a cucumber-like Zucchini and that popped-out.You have a mighty zucchini there @ura-soul, save the seeds for another zucchini season.


hehe - yes, there are more growing too - it seems I can get a year's worth of courgette from one plant! If I could do that for the other plants I could eat for a year from a tiny space.. More research is needed ;)


It wants to be a full time squash.
I don't know if it could be cooked with a condensed milk and butter or margarine.
It would turn into a delicious dessert.

Jesus Mehusives!

Did you water and feed that during the hard summer?

Feed the street... you'll get sick of it otherwise.

I grew a 3 stone pumpkin about three years ago.... I know the challange... good luck!

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hehe - it grew from my polytunnel which has drip irrigation on a timer, but I didn't feed it at all other than via the good soil and rockdust that is throughout the tunnel. Thanks!


That's impressive without feed!

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I've never seen one in that shape. The ones here are long and thin like a cucumber. Good for you for putting so much into your veggies. It means that not only will they be flavorful, but nutritious too!


Yes, me neither - usually they are cucumber shaped here too!


That must have something to do with it being an heirloom seed rather than one of the modified ones. Maybe there was something about the longer, thinner shape that made it more desirable, so that's the trait they kept. Or it could just be a different strain.

Wow! It looks like a green pumpkin :-)

It does look like a pumpkin with that size. That's a wonderful harvest.

We'll have to plant zucchinis next time and make them spaghetti noodle looking zucchini pasta. And that chickpea pasta looked real yummy too.

Wow, that is one ridiculously huge courgette!! We also love to grow our own foods, even though it is limited how much space we have on the balcony.. we still managed to grow a few things this year, including a cucumberplant who ended up taking over the whole balcony. :'D

Followed you, and upvoted this, as it seems like we share a passion for both growing and cooking vegan foods ! <3