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RE: How to Microbrew Compost Tea

in #gardening2 years ago

I just love your posts. So much information and you deliver it clearly as well. What a cool idea, compost tea! I am setting up my indoor vermy compost setup this weekend, so it will be a while before I try this tea technique, but anything that makes Microbes more accessible is good in my book.
Resteeming, awesome post dude!

Xx ToL


Thank you for the feedback! That makes me feel really great.

I hope your worms will be happy. How big will their set up be?

I think 5gal. I would welcome any suggestions or tips tho 😊
You are welcome! I love your page so you are easy to support! 😂

I read somewhere that the worms really like corn meal, and that it makes them want to reproduce.

Ahh awesome! Thanks!