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RE: Annoying Aphids: All About Aphididae And How To Eliminate Them

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What an in depth article. I loved it. I grow organically here on the farm and have used orange peels and neem oil quite a bit. I have several insect houses through out my gardens as well. I have a beehouse, ladybug and butterfly houses. I have noticed they make a huge difference. I also buy praying mantis egg cases. They sure put a hurtin' on garden pests. I'm going to add that Safer Brand Soap to my arsenal.


Thanks for the kind words, @themerrylotus! Good to know that's +1 vote for the citrus approach. Could you let me know how the ladybug / butterfly houses work?

This is the site I used to build my ladybug house. They have used it for the last two years. There are also some other insects that use it but so far everyone seems to be getting along.

I can not remember where I got this butterfly house plan from. So I can't credit the picture, but the butterflies use this house too.

I have all the houses (I have two of each) in and around my gardens. I have lots of perennials and native wild flowers planted around my garden for all the pollinators. When I buy mantis egg cases I make sure to put those in the garden, as far away from the houses as possible.

My pictures of the bee house and stacked wood houses is too big and won't load, but I found a pic that is similar from

Wow, thank you so much. This is a goldmine of information. I'm going to build both of these and make videos on how I did it so more can learn!

I wish I would have thought of taking pictures back when I built mine. They sell a bait that you can buy to attract ladybugs if you don't have around your area. To get you going.

I may have to buy them in, and then build the house to keep them in! I'm so excited!