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RE: Grow Your Own Food! 🌱🌿🍓 - Easy to build DIY hydroponic system - LOW BUDGET

in #gardening5 years ago


This post lays out the framework for aquaponics really well, great job! This is certainly valuable info for urban dwellers, and I love how small mold you make it look. I wonder too about using human urine as fertilizer.


hmmm...human urine? might be very problematic lol...especially for your aquaponics.

not sure this comment is legit, but still funny ;)

haha it is definitely legit. @mountainjewel curates the hearth and we use urine a lot on our homestead. usually not "hot" directly on plants, but we inoculate sawdust or biochar with it and then apply accordingly :) perhaps not so good directly in aquaponics ;)

That is awesome, I am all for recycling....and what best to recycle then our own "output" :)

I presume urine works due to ammonification process..

I know there is a way to do a fertilizer tea out of human feces, but must admit never had the pleasure to try doing it my self :)

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