What You Need to Know About Aloë Vera

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There is no garden on my island without Aloe Vera even back in history our island had several Aloë plantations and has been known for its therapeutic properties and benefits. You can even make various health products with it. That's how you do that.

You can remove the gel from the plant
The plant has large leaves. The inside of the thick leaves contains a gel-like substance and that's what you want.

The properties are the strongest when the plant is five years or older. Choose the lowest leaves, these are the easiest to cut off. Peel the leaves with a sharp knife and inside you see gel and juice, you press these out of the sheet into a clean bowl.

An Aloë Vera plant is self-healing. As soon as you cut a leaf, you soon see that a crust is forming on that spot so no harm is done.

Now you have the Aloë Vera gel, but what exactly can you do with that? I give you a few ideas:

You can use Aloë Vera gel as a make-up remover. Many make-up removers contain substances that are bad for your skin. When you put a little Aloë Vera on a cotton ball and remove your make-up that is better for your skin.
Aloë is very refreshing as a face cream and has an antibacterial and moisturizing effect on your skin.
You can even use Aloë Vera gel to prevent bad breath when you fill a quarter of a cup with Aloë Vera and the rest with water. Rinse this through your mouth for a fresh breath.

Use the gel to make soothing ice cubes for your skin too put the Aloë Vera in an ice cube form and let it freeze in the freezer. A cold Aloë Vera lump can work soothing to your skin if it is sun burnt or irritated.
You can make a moisturizing scrub by mixing the gel with some brown sugar and scrub your skin to remove dead cells and simultaneously hydrate your skin.
And you can use the gel for certain conditions such as constipation for example, you can add it to water, yogurt or a smoothie. I like the Aloë Vera for just about all skin uses. The smoothies are not my favorite to be honest. I love the plant and the beautiful flower that appears after the rain.



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