Tips for Growing beautiful heirloom tomatoes

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There is nothing like the flavor of a homegrown heirloom tomato. It has even become the theme of a country song: "there are two things money can't buy, true love and homegrown tomatoes." I have to concur. Because they are a seasonal crop here in Maryland I have been known to refuse to eat store-bought tomatoes all winter long, and wait in anticipation for the summer crop. When I bite down on a vine-ripened fruit after months of anticipation, it is like a glimpse of heaven. In the video below I share with you my favorite tips when growing tomatoes, so you too can know for yourself the joy of homegrown tomatoes. This is a part of my video-series on gardening, Suburban Homestead.

Here is the video:


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My main problem is finding enough things to make with tomatoes!


But they can be eaten with almost any veggie. They always bring fresh flavor even when cooked.


You can also freeze them! Cut into chunks, scoop out the seed sac, freeze on a cookie sheet then put into a freezer bag. Easy, and you can add them to dishes all winter.

Very informative! Thank you! I used to buy tomato starts years ago and did well with them in our short growing climate as long as they were in the greenhouse. For the past several years, I have been experimenting with the best way to start from seed and grow them in my area. This year, I am going a bit crazy taking some of my plants and seeing how they will do growing next to the zucchini, the beans, and a couple other vegetables outside of the greenhouse. We will see what happens!

I am with you, Refuse to eat store bought. Wish there was a way to store them in the fresh off the vine state all winter, instead of canning or stewing them. Thanks for sharing


We can't have everything, but I'm happy enough eating home-made tomato sauce in the winter.

Great video..... love the live enzymes from fresh picked!!!


Toward the end of the season we take the excess tomatoes and boil them, removing the skins and then adding herbs, onion and garlic. Boiling all day until the water is mostly gone, the tomatoes have pureed and a nice spaghetti sauce is left.

I end up freezing most of the sauce which then helps feed us for the next few months


That sounds delicious!


Yeah, that sounds really good. I hope to be able to do the same.

Great video! This year I planted two heirloom varieties: Black Krim and Cherokee Purple.

The trellis methods I'm trying this year is metal electrical conduit and string up to seven feet high. As they grow, I just gently wrap the vine around the string.


I really like the Black Krim tomatoes. They always grow well for me, and I really like the lower acid taste.


I cannot wait to taste them. I hope they'll be disease free as well since I had some trouble with that last year.

My mouth is watering right now.

Love it sis. We been eating about 2 pr 4 a day for 2 weeks. God Bless.