All you need to know about making your own compost

in gardening •  last year


Composting should be simple. People overcomplicate it. Of course there is a lot out there that is known, and even more that is unknown still about the composting process. That being said, why on earth would I have the audacity to title this as "all you need to know" about compost. Because, truth be told, you don't need to know much, nature will take care of it. Think of a forest, it composts itself and needs no science to do so. So I prepared the video below to show you how and why I've done composting with tips to help you make better compost.

Here is the video:


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Your post is good, thanks for sharing.
follow me @mr-one

Very nicely done @siloe I love my composting pile, I have been doing it for years and years and years.

Great post @siloe :) Nature sure knows how to take care of most, if not everything ;)

Well done! I had a compost box with my last garden...I like that rotating barrel would have worked much better!

When you look up how to compost, it is true, they do make it very technical and quite daunting for the beginner! Almost makes one not want to do it. I know my ratio is way off due to having lots of wood shavings from the chickens and rabbits. But, it will breakdown... someday! haha

Your post has been upvoted with htooms whale power thanks to @tishyaoedit!! I love to garden as well! Composting is a great addition to the garden!