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RE: Garden Update – green onions and other thoughts

in #gardening5 years ago

I really like gardening, maybe in your area now again developing all the plants now, and maybe also the right time now for gardening. The people in my area can not get away from the leek. There are many foods cooked with scallions, and the leeks you share look very fresh, image
thank you friend have shared.

I have some tomatoes I plant in small flowering pots, and a small garden of cayenne pepper, and there is a small insect that is hatching a honey of cayenne pepper image



Nice photos. I think gardening is so much fun and provides lots of good stuff. It is nice to have the time to do it when the weather is good and you feel like doing it.

it's true my friend, I always set aside my time in the morning and in the afternoon for gardening, before I do other activities

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