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RE: Grow Your Own Food! 🌱🌿🍓 - Easy to build DIY hydroponic system - LOW BUDGET

in #gardening5 years ago

Its a pretty impressive tutorial to start with Hydroponics , What about the temperature ? How does it impact the overall system. Say in my place it reaches 45 - 50 degree Celsius in summer, so putting this in roof top would be impacted by the temperature, isn't it ?


So first of thanks for the compliments and the comment in general, it is much appreciated :)

No regarding the temperature...50 degrees celcius, WOW...that is intense...where are you living?!

We have a similar issue here with the heat, summertime get to 41-43 Celsius...and yeah that is the worst time to grow anything and it really doesn't matter if it is in soil or water...heat will be a problem...

With hydroponics you naturally get a prolonged season, as long as you manage to keep the water in the proper range, the outside temperature will not be that much of an issue to the plants.

So there are numerous solutions for cooling the water, like chillers, or even thermoelectric coolers (you can build a cheap version yourself, using a peltier cooling cells) , but for smaller systems what always worked for me, is dropping couple of 2 liter (or more) ice bottles (that you put in the fridge the night before) in the reservoir every morning...the ice will slowly melt and will keep your water in a nice and cool temperature.

Of course it also helps to cover the reservoir with some isolation, or a concrete enclosing...anything to keep the heat out.

both sanmi and me are from India and the heat is really too much nowadays and will get worse in April, May :p

I presume you guys are from Rajastan, I think only there get that hot, isnt it?

Really crazy those temperatures! is it always been that way, or more of a recent years kinda thing?

I stay in Odisha, and it reached last time 48, and we anticipate it to be more extreme this time. Glad to see your detailed response, I will explore more. May be we can do this during the other 8 months, where the temperature will be lesser.

I am from kerala, which actually is green all through but climate change and now it is really hot

I have been to Kerala about 6 or 7 years ago, I didn't remember it that hot... is it that extreme of a change?

Still got the whole house-boats craze there? one of the best accommodations i ever had a pleasure to live in :)

house boats still around but the humidity is mad and the monsoons are like way too delayed and less rainfall.great to know you have been to our state.

Yeah I think Kerala is very unique, so green and lush...and all that water...

Weather is going crazy all over the place, we barely any winter this year (as 5 or 6 years before that)...only about 7 days of proper rain...
even the threes got confused and started to blossom way to early..

wow 48 is really extreme, not sure regular solutions will work, perhaps burring the water tank in the ground :)

But the other 8 month can work for sure!

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