Cheap & Safe Homemade Lawn Food

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We have tested this for a long time and consulted with yard professionals on the benefits of each ingredient, so you are getting a great DIY solution.

1 bottle of beer (it can be anything you have!)
1 cup mild baby shampoo (click link to see the type we use, NOT an anti-bacterial type)
1 cup club soda (any type you have or find for cheap)
¼ cup Epsom (NOT scented)
1 cup household ammonia (same as ammonium hydroxide, click link to see details)
Hose sprayer with settings (see the best one in the link)


  1. First, combine ingredients into a big jug (I am using a leftover Silk almond milk bottle). Make sure it is something with
    a lid. For ventilation, mix this up outside or a place with air flow (like near an open window).
  2. Cap the lid, then add all the ingredients to a 32 oz sprayer hose container. ***Make sure to set it no more than 3 or 4oz
    per gallon!
  3. Next, spray evenly over your lawn.

Apply every 2-3 weeks when temperatures are below 90 degrees. If you aren’t getting rain, make sure to water your lawn while using this.

Lawn Size:
This amount will cover a small yard using the hose sprayer. If you get a lot of rain or water often, you can use this to do 1/2 of your yard and make another bottle for the other half. For large yards, you will need to make a few batches.

Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet

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