Out harvesting fruit in the food forest this morning! Abundance!!!! Freedom!

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We are so blessed and grateful to be able to share our passion for growing our own fruit in our urban neighborhood. This food forest is 10 years old and really starting to offer us bountiful harvests. Each year the bounty grows! Each year I see this property as appreciating. In fact, the neighboring homes have both been sold and then purchased by new owners...each one stating that they purchased the neighboring homes to be near the food forest! The curb appeal! I hope this idea of urban food forestry spreads far and wide! It works!!!!! We testify!

Pictured in this harvest this morning are: grapes, peaches, apples, plums, pluerries and figs! Cheers to our food freedoms steepshot and steemit! We appreciate all of you!!!

check out a full video tour of our food forest right here: https://steemit.com/vlog/@rawutah/summer-harvests-figs-peaches-plums-and-pluerries-vlog-11

If i could recommend ONE book...for others wanting to explore HOW...to do this in their neighborhood...I would recommend Toby Hemenway's book: "Gaia's Garden" second edition. Worth every single penny!


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I really love how the message on your page is FOOD FREEDOM! Your photos are so wonderful, how can anyone not start their own gardens. So inspirational. Thank you!


thank you so much @thelaundrylady !!!! your words touch our hearts!!!!!!!!! FOOD FREEDOM!!!!! no better way to celebrate the fourth of july...IMO...than biting into a home grown peach! thanks for setting the pace....in sooooo many ways! YOU ...INSPIRE!

@rawutah, una maravilla tú bosque de alimentos urbano.


thank you my friend!!!!! your images on steepshot/steemit.....are my absolute favorite! each one...pulls me IN! YOU...inspire!!!!!!


Wow! Wow! Wow!

So cool, my brother.

Yummy! 😋😁



Aloha sister!!!! Cheers to abundance for this whole planet and all people and ALL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! May we all flourish....and grow...TOGETHER!!!!!! :)

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wow!!!! thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!

Wow! Amazing!

Happy to see your food forest!

I will resteem it!


thank you @syamar !!!! just started following you! we really appreciate the re steem and your kind words!

So Colourful fruits. Beautiful & healthy