I never knew what that herb was called. Thanks. I tried this method once but the herbs just began rotting and never rooted. Perhaps they were sprayed with something, not sure but I'm going to try again!

This herb grows in rice paddies in Asia, so they are definitely not afraid of having roots in water. Maybe wash well before and change water if you see it becomes murky. But you are right, they might have been sprayed with something to prevent people from propagating them, that would not be the first time this happens.

The greenhouse is akin to one I built for my macro-propagated plantain nursery, that stayed in my backyard for most of early last year. If I had the herbs I would consider trying this one out. Yeah, post was informative and well written. And I look forward to the recipe post ;-)

Thanks for the comment. It’s crazy how even a simple greenhouse like this can affect the growth of the plant. In previous years we have managed to grow the rice paddy herb in a simple pot but it didn’t thrive like this.

As for the recipe, I need to catch some fish first so my wife can prepare the dish and I can take some photos of it. Hopefully it will be soon as my favorite fishing season is almost there.

Yeah, the greenhouse is some piece of "technology" as faithful to man as cement+steel. I exaggerated a bit there. I was equally impressed with the state of my nursery in a greenhouse compared to when they stood under a shade in the open atmosphere.

"I need to catch some fish first..."

Do you own an aquaculture pond or is it a natural water body?

I meant going fishing by the estuary or ocean as I live near the coast.

@misterakpan I noticed you are a curie curator, is it you I should thank for getting my post noticed?

Oh wow!
Thanks @curie for upvoting this post. This is such an honor to get a post approved by one of your curators (and thanks to whoever that curator is). It is worth the effort put to write this post.

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