Props4Crops:) Announcing Our Latest Business Sponsors and Non-Profit Affiliates for 2018!!:)

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P4C has a stated goal of onboarding at least a thousand organic/beyond organic/renewable sector business sponsors and non profit affiliates this year 2018:)
We couldnt be more pleased to announce the following Sponsors and Non Profs here today that are with us so far.
These fine folks and their organizations will be integral to getting the word out about our platform and we will promote them heavily locally, statewide, nationally, or internationally as the scope of their business requires:) The first among these for this year here in lovely in Denver Colorado are The Urban Greenhouse and Evolve Yoga! These two companies share a property with an awesome outdoor community urban gardening situation and we can't thank them enough for their participation. We will be holding meetups there as well teaching people how to grow microgreens and indoor gardens, how cryptocurrency works on our platform, and signing them up for

Also, we have High Altitude Hops signing on from Larkspur, Colorado. HAH is growing organic hops for local small batch beer companies and we can't wait to try the product before it sells out this year:) One of the owners Greg also happens to be a Javascript dev we met while looking for devs to build our frontend. He didn't know what the site was specifically about when he reached out to us and now he's both a developer and a business sponsor with us!:)) Much respect to High Altitude Hops we love you guys:)

We have a really great man and company on our team as our latest sponsor as well who I will personally be touring around the state and country with in the upcoming months doing speaking engagements with and heavily promoting myself.
A special thanks to John Patterson from Tiny Hemp Houses and!:) Don't let the name fool you , John is a big name in the burgeoning hemp industry and speaks statewide right on up to internationally on the subject. He's set to be one of the biggest distributors in the State of Colorado and we're planning on building some wonderful and healthy home communities complete w/ solar power , high speed internet access , community permaculture gardens and the whole nine yards for folks:) Fullest respect to this fine gentleman for all his contributions and hard work. We've move around some 900 lb. bags of hemp hurd hempcrete building material together and i've never been happier in my life to pull weight for a team. And thank you as well to Derek Cross, another hemp luminary working closely with John and Tiny Hemp Houses:)

Last but not least:) will be working very closely with the wonderful non-profit the Organic Consumers Association and their #Regenerate and '4 Per Thousand' efforts moving forward:) We are very humbled by this as they have over a million facebook followers and a strong national as well as international reach. This gives us a very solid foundation for effecting the type of change we would like to see in the world as well as contributing strongly to our site growth as we go hard in the paint to grow the #regenerate and 4 Per Thousand presence, all of which are creating real ground level farms and gardens. I personally couldn't be more excited to be working with people like these who have been so supportive in our efforts of late. Thank you so kindly to the OCA!!:)))

And of course we will be bring all of these folks on to Steemit as well as the P4C platform so we can grow all of these great businesses and non profits together with all of you wonderful folks in the global Steemit Community:)
Thank you so kindly for your time, things are simply going great here. Join us on if you'd like to get in on our Pre-Token/MVP/Testing/Pre-Launch phase:) It's looking more and more like we'll be launching with Steem Media Tokens attached to our 'like/props' feature on the site and we'll have all kinds of extra incentives coming from our sponsors to reward people for their participation as well!:)
thanks again!!:) With love , with kindness:) - P4C


Welcome to steemit! If you are ever looking for a group, actually a community, of homesteaders/gardeners/self-sufficient like-minded people, I am the moderator of a group here... also the "un"official ambassador to the group.

let me know and I can post an invite link here for you!

thanks kindly yes i'd love that:) When the timing's right i'd love to invite you over to our main site as well:) thanks @goldendawne, much apprec:))

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