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In Today's Project Diary Video I will be showing you a few simple tips on successfully growing Sweet Potatoes from food waste. Sweet Potatoes don't actually belong to the same Nightshade Family as other Potatoes, They're in fact from the morning glory family and need much more warmth and care...


Most other tutorials show that you need a whole Sweet Potato to grow these slips but this experiment shows that this is just a waste and you can have just as much success with just the tips. As you can see in the photo above, they start rooting even from a small segment.


With some warmth, love and large amounts of sunlight, it isn't long before you see the Slips starting to sprout...


For a full tutorial on how to grow Sweet Potato Slips from food waste please watch the video at the bottom of this post.

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Check out the video link below.

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OMGosh! I love this post!
I am not a huge fan of sweet potatoes, but my parents are. Maybe I will grow some next year for them. thanks for this easy tutorial!

You're very welcome! I didn't use to be a big fan of them either but they're slowly becoming one of my favorite superfoods :)

Great work UPVOTED, Help spread the steem take a look at my submission for todays challenge I thought you might enjoy!

This year I'm not having much success with growing kumara slips. First attempt failed, and the second is producing sooo sloooowly that I've really missed the season.
But I'm determined that one day I shall have great success!
Thank you for posting this guide, helpful as always. :)

Don't let them beat you. They are very tricky to get right at the start but the rewards pay off in the end. You're welcome and good luck :)

This is a good gardening article so I gave you a yoopervote.

An yoopervote? That sounds exciting! Thank you :)

Youre doing great stuff. I enjoy watching your videos.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my articles :)

Dear amazing tutorial for sweet potatoes here in El Salvador it is name Camote ipomea batatas we have some interesting plants in our homestead, and hope will have a great harvest.
Thank you for the tips because we transplant the plants from root but it is another way to plant our bown food.
Best regard @galberto

I would love the weather conditions as in El Salvador. It looks like a very fruitful place to grow things. You're welcome :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Do the sweet potatoes need to be organic, in case they have been sprayed with anything to stop them sprouting?

All depends which country they've come from but it could be an issue

Just by chance we ate the first ever sweet potatoes from our garden this evening.

Only small but I was surprised we got anything this year as they went in late.

That's awesome! I found it so difficult to maintain a high enough temperature this year. Hopefully next year I'll have more success

I've left a few of the tubers in the ground just to see what happens. Do you think they might sprout at all in the spring? Or do you have to sprout the slips to get anything going with them?

If they do sprout that would give them the earliest possible start, unless we get a naughty late frost sneak in and zap them.

They are in the polytunnel so that should help a bit.

They may rot over winter but usually in hotter climates, they will just sprout naturally if you plant the tuber in warmer soil. Not so good in UK without a lot of protection.

You should eat the sweet potato leaves! They are very delicious!

I've never tried them :)