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In Today's Project Diary Video I will be showing an update on my Strawberry Plants that I grew from Seeds harvested from food waste and teaching you some easy techniques on how to clone new Strawberry Plants from Runners.

Growing Strawberries from seed doesn't guarantee you the juiciness or taste of the original but If you've found an extremely tasty strawberry plant, using today's techniques can allow you to clone an identical plant and produce more strawberries of the same flavor.

Runner Diagram.jpg

To see my full step by step video guide please scroll down to the bottom of this post.

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I killed my strawberries before I remembered to plant the runners this year. Great post

oh no! I've had nothing but trouble growing these this year. I thought I'd show people how to take runners but my plants were a little too young, then we had a huge storm just as they were bouncing back. It wasn't my year strawberry growing this year. Good luck for next time :)

We've had horrendious weather this year. Storm Doris destroyed my Garden.

I have 2 leeks left which I may leave in over winter.

I've seen some nice hanging basket ideas for strawberrys too. I quite fancy planting some wild strawberries about as I rarely see any around in Wales.

Yeah! The Storm took out around 70% of my crop this year and destroyed most of my flowers. I did a few hanging basket ideas this year including upside down Tomatoes. They went ok but I'll try them again next year and hope for better weather.

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Wow! Amazing how quickly those grew in 6 weeks. Crazy how quickly they reproduced. I got a few runners from a friend here in Panama, but I'm pretty sure that they died. I need to try this method! I need to check out your other videos too! Looks great!!

Thank you! Most Strawberries need a cold spell for a few months so i'm not sure what your weather is like in Panama. I'm a little jealous as I've always wanted to visit there. I'm glad you enjoyed my video. Let me know how you get on :)

Okay, I found a strawberry plant at the market today for $1.50 and I bought it hoping it will produce runners. We live in the mountains here and have a friend who has a farm that produces strawberries, so I'm hopeful I can grow some as well. :) I was talking all about your video today.

That's great news! Mountain climates could be perfect to grow Strawberries. Keep me posted on your progress.

Great video on strawberry runners. Very clear and informative. Your dad did a great job repotting them as well.

Thank you! :)

Hi @projectdiaries. Will you be posting again soon? Your posts and videos are excellent.

Thank you @pennsif. I've been having some technical issues but hopefully, I'll be able to post regularly soon :)