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In Today's Project Diaries Video I will be showing you just how easy it is to grow your own Passion Fruit plants from seeds. You can easily harvest your own Seeds from shop bought fruit. Passion Fruit are some of my favorite fruit to eat and their tropical flavor is becoming more and more popular. Throughout their growing process, they also produce an extremely beautiful flower before maturing into a delicious edible fruit.


The Seeds can take much longer to germinate due to their thick outer shell but once they sprout their growth is very quick.


Here they are just a few days after germination and as you can see they look very strong and healthy.


Within a month you will see amazing results like this.


For a complete step by step guide please watch the video linked at the bottom of this post.

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Check out the video link below.

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Hi @projectdiaries, I do enjoy these videos. You have a great way of getting over good solid information in a well presented and well paced way.

If you get the chance it might be useful if you could do a post with an index listing of all your videos to date, maybe categorised into vegetables, fruit, construction projects, pest control etc.

Maybe even include the ones you have on YouTube that you are still planning to bring over to steemit.

You might also find it useful to join the HomesteadSlackers Slack group to connect with other people interested in gardening and homesteading. That will help build your followers more.

You can find out more about the group at :

Thanks for the feedback and info on the community. I'm playing catch up with so many of my social media sites right now and trying to set up my own website as a hub for all my accounts. I can't seem to find enough hours in a day to start/finish all my ideas and plans.

I'm slowly upload each current video link but once I've finished those I will start work on more details blogs and informational posts. I'm fairly new to all of this but the popularity of my work is really pushing me to achieve more :)

I must admit I have never thought of trying to passion fruit from seed.

Will they grow and fruit all in one season?

Presumably it would be best to start the seeds in the spring rather than this time of year?

[PS I must eat more chocolate eclairs - they are obviously the best trays for propogation 😊]

I actually started these indoor around this time last year. They grow really well with the warmth of the house but started having issues after I transplanted them. Slugs love them and the storms stopped their growth a fair bit. I think they take around 3 years to fruit but I will do another update next year if they survive.

haha!! Indeed they are. Also Grandads favorites so I never run out of propogator trays :)

Would these grow in the UK in a greenhouse? Or is the climate too cool?

I started these in the Greenhouse and over wintered them indoors until they were strong enough for plant outside in the summer

Oh awesome, where are you based in the UK? My greenhouses blew away this year! Only plastic cheap ones. Blame the Welsh Wind!

Oh No!! Mine blow away in the big storm of 1987 and never did get a new one. I just south of London

Ahhh, Slightly Warmer climate than North Wales. =D They should grow though! Roll on a new house with a massive greenhouse!

That sounds amazing! Very jealous! Good luck with the move :)