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In Today's Project Diary Video I will be showing a quick and easy way to grow Orange Trees including the collection and Germination of Seeds. As always I try to grow all my fruits and vegetables from food waste and Oranges are no exception.


The key to growing Oranges successfully, especially in countries with a cooler climate like England is best to give them as much warmth and sunlight as possible. Weirdly I found starting them indoors over the winter still produced good results as the warmth of my home's central heating allowed the seeds to germinate very quickly and healthily.

Check out my full step by step tutorial video at the bottom of this post.


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Check out the video link below.

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This is quite fascinating. Who knew you could grow citrus trees in the UK! Will you plant them in a garden or keep them in pots in a greenhouse once they are big enough to start producing fruit? My guess is they wouldn't survive a UK winter, but I don't know.

They'll need to stay in pots and overwintered each year to keep them away from frost. They take a little more care once they are mature.

I tried growing peaches once as they are some of my favorite fruit but it didn't work out at all. I will your tutorial and hopefully, they germinate this time. Thank you for being my gardening sensei ^^

You're very welcome! I didn't have much success with Peaches or Plums so don't be too disheartened :)

Good to see you back @projectdiaries.

I've just got my first orange coming at the moment (although from a bought in plant). I've been more successful with lemons - had a dozen or so from my two lemon trees.

That's amazing! Did you grow the Lemons from seed? Sometimes it's easier buying small plants or a abreroot stock as it takes so long for them to fruit

I came to steemit after watching your video on youtube, I didn't know this platform. It took a long time for the account validation, about a week, but I'm enjoying it so far.
By the way, great post, as always.

Oh that's great! I hope you can learn a little quickly now you've seen my tutorial

Cool, nice post and really well done video - obviously high production values and the content is interesting. I would personally love to grow oranges, I know it is possible here in Oregon even without a greenhouse (for some varieties).

I hope you consider cross-posting your content here on Steemit when it is fresh (same week it is posted elsewhere) and adding a link back to Steemit as well - that would of course help increase Steemit's search engine visibility, while posting stale content here without a link back to Steemit on your Youtube account actually hurts Steemit. You will find you are much more likely to receive significant rewards in the forms of major upvotes from the bigger players here on Steemit if you keep this in mind. Just some friendly advice! I love the content - keep it up!

Cheers - Carl

Thank you for your message. I am indeed starting to crossover content. Due to technical issues, I'm still uploading last years videos on youtube so almost all my posts are older content until I can catch up. My tutorial on Steemit was current https://steemit.com/steemit/@projectdiaries/how-to-make-money-blogging-the-ultimate-guide-to-steemit and I will be hopefully posting more soon.

Thanks again!