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In Today's Project Diaries Video I will be showing you the most successful and easiest way to grow your very own Avocado plant from Seed. This seems to be one of my most popular tutorials to date, mainly due to just how quickly you can achieve results.


You may have seen many other videos, internet advice or other tutorials try this with many different techniques but not all of these have a guaranteed success rate or as faster germination speed. All you'll need for this tutorial is an Avocado that's ripe enough for eating, a cup, and 3 toothpicks...


You really don't need any fancy equipment or prior growing skills, which is why this is a great project to try as a beginner or with young children...


This is also a project you can try all year round indoors on a windowsill. Within a few weeks, you should see some surprising results. Just make sure that when you're topping up the water levels, always use room temperature clean tap water as using cold water could slow down the growth process.

This tutorial will also help you with any slight mistakes that may happen along the growth journey.


If you'd like to find out exactly how easy it is to grow your own Avocado Plant please see my full tutorial video link at the bottom of this post.

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Check out the video link below.

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Very nice explanation of how to grow avocado. Thanks dear!

Thank you! I'm glad it helped. Sorry for the late reply :)

It works! I used this method in the spring and my seed grew a double tree! You can see it has 2 stems.

That's great! Yeah, they do that sometime. You can cut the weaker one off if you like. Good job! :)

Cool, good work @anise. 2 stems is pretty awesome.

I've now got one that has 3 stems forming :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great article and fun pictures. I have never seriously tried this, because it takes a LOT of patience ;-)

If growing from seed, it can take anywhere from 5 to 13 years before the tree is mature enough to set fruit. However, trees grown from fruit, usually will not produce fruit at all.

But the truth is, it's much easier to buy a tree from a nursery that has been grafted. At that point it might fruit in 3-4 years. (well worth the cost of the tree)
Grafted trees are sure to produce fruit, because they are grown as a clone of a fruit producing tree; a tree known to produce fruit, and the grafted tree is a genetic copy.

You could theoretically graft your own tree, but it requires precise environmental controls, and will usually fail for most neophytes.

California varieties of avocado only grow well in a Mediterranean climate, which limits them to California's central and south coasts.

Of course it can be a fun project, and it costs nothing, and so for educational purposes, etc, have at it. It will produce an ornamental evergreen that can be very beautiful.

Useful comment!

Indeed. Most people grow these just for beautiful houseplants, but there's no fun in buying pregrown plants and they can be very costly

They thrive in well drained decomposed granite soil.

Very interesting way, the easiest way

Thanks! :)

How long till we get our first avocado fruit tho?! Is it years?

5-13 years, but truth is, you need to buy a tree from a nursery that has been grafted.
You can look up horticulture details in my main comment above.

We used to do this when we were kids. I think it was a 70's thing. Thanks for the photos.

Love a good bit of nostalgia :)

I love this as an experiment, but simply don't have the patience to grow a full tree this way! :(

~ Kevin

You can leave it on a windowsill and forget about it. They are a very easy grow and an ever green houseplant

That's what I'll do - thanks, love your stuff as always my friend :)

Oh I would so love to have an Avacado tree! My wife loves them!

It's very easy! Give it a try :)

Very wonderful - Sehr Wunderbar!! Thank you for sharing with us (Steemit Community)

You're welcome :)

As always! Great pictures and wonderful tutorial! I'm not sure I can grow them here but that may not stop me from trying!

Thank you! As long as you have a warm house, they can stay in water for the first year. Very low maintenance plants for the early stages :)

I would Like to try this but no doubt I would stuff it up. My gardening abilities is pretty average.

You don't need any skills at all to grow these. They are extremely easy. Give it a try, You have nothing to lose :)

very true and it is much better then having to purchase them at ridiculous cost from the store

Yep! Especially as I'm trying to build a great garden for free from the ground out :)

When I have a moment, I will be sitting down and going through your tutorials as you haven't left many stones unturned, if you'll excuse the pun. :)
I have started to follow you so that I don't miss any

Thank you! I've started following you too. Thanks for the resteem as well. I'm glad you enjoy my posts :)

thank you, I appreciate the follow.

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Thanks for the video! Definitely going to try it!

Good luck! Let me know how you get on :)

This is really cool! Thanks!

You're welcome :)

I stuck a seed in the ground and a tree grew right here in the middle of Harlem, NYC!

Wow! That's great :)

@projectdiaries upvoted!A true avocado fan knows the struggles of being a true avocado fan — the amount of time spent choosing the perfect avo at the store, the financial expense of needing to eat the fruit every day, the phrase "guacamole costs extra" — and is also not one little bit shy about sharing the pain on social media.

Plus they are a superfood so they come with the price tag. Have you seen there is a big debate about roasting and eating the seeds? I think I'll need to do more research before adding that to my diet... Thanks for the upvote :)

I've always wanted to grow an avocados. Thanks for teaching me how. I've tried it before but didn't skin them and had no idea it took so long. I think I chucked them after about four weeks. Looking forward to seeing more.

I'm glad I could help. Let me know how you get on. Good luck! :)

Nice post

Thank you! :)

Good job! I start mine in soil now and have three, 1 year old, 16 - 20 inch tall trees that I just brought inside for the winter. The hardest part for me is keeping them inside over winter and maintaining the watering schedule correctly. I have found over the years of trying to keep avocado trees alive that if I can get past the first year, the tree is generally strong enough to keep going.

I lost my best prior tree to forgetfulness and a sudden cold snap. Still annoyed by that to this day.

That's a real shame! It's really difficult to monitor watering once you've transplanted to soil. I lost my first attempt after transplant shock was too much for the plant. I hope you continue with a good over wintering. Good luck :)

We live in Panama and got a few seeds and just planted them in the dirt and they grew! We have them in milk jugs now, but we need to get them into the ground soon! Amazing what that volcanic soil will do here. Thanks for the post!

Hi..iam @elneddy from indonesia i like plant and i was plant apel from seed and so far still grow, apel really difficult planted in my town bcause in tropical area.
Your post very interesting for me..upvote

Thanks @elneddy. Do you mean Apple? If you do, It's very difficult to grow Apples from seed as it takes many years to fruit but you're not guarantted what they'll taste like. I'm glad you like my post. :)

I'm training again. I got 7 of them now in water. fingers cross....