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I am so excited! Spring is here! I’ve got oregano, lemon balm, mugwort, and wormwood coming up. And I couldn’t help myself.... I put some cabbage transplants out into the garden today. I just couldn’t wait any longer to get my hands in the dirt!

Those potato leaves are so pretty, with the purple veins. Beautiful picture!


The flowers will be a light purple color too. We have lemon balm growing wild all over the yard. I need to harvest more of it and the mint this year for tea. Exited for spring myself. It's been raining a lot but it's warming up at least.

It doesn't matter how much lemon balm I harvest, it seems like there's never enough. We barely made it through this winter before we ran out. Now we'll have to wait for a couple months...

Shit I should send you a bundle in a couple months. There is no shortage here at all. Comes up everywhere lol.

I think I see you playing Chain Monsters where are yoouuuu

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