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RE: Another one bites the dust..

in #gardening6 months ago

Always so sad to see them die @ewkaw
But hopefully this will cheer you up a bit.
I don't know if you saw my recent post about the 24 hour "Echinopsis Cactus"?

Here is a photo of it and it only lasts for one day!

And thankfully here is another one developing!

I am busy building a rock garden and will soon plant all of the out into it!


Oh wow that is stunning!! I had a white Echinopsis.. died too :P (looks like I will slowly kill them all)
And yea.. they only last one day. But can bloom many times in the season.

Glad that you know them. We just have the right climate and sun here for them and I have many. Will have to see if I also get lucky with a white!

I hope you do! They have some amazing flowers and colours.

Thank you my dear friend.