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What's a homesteader to do when frost and freezing temperatures are looming on the horizon? For me, I move the garden into the bathroom... yes, seriously. I tried it last year, and it worked. This year, I'm back at it!

In between the rest of life's responsibilities, I've got to keep growing and gardening. A few of our plants are not ideal for our growing zone, but I still try to grow them. If left outside, they'd freeze to death and disappear by spring. Therefore, I need a warmer place to keep them for the winter, so it's off to the bathroom for these plants. In this video, I struggle to pull of the job in time to beat the freeze... will I make it?


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Should be growing mullein. 😁

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I completely relate. And the bathroom is a great place to overwinter sensitive plants. I did so many times when we had frosts and freezes in Florida.

My neighbor here in Tennessee overwinters her plants in her bathroom as well, which works great for her.

Unfortunately, I not only have far too many tender plants for that to work, but both of our bathrooms are windowless; and our master bath, which is more than large enough to handle lots of plants, has no outlet in the corner most suitable. Sigh.

So most of our tropical and subtropical plants overwinter in our studio, aka the original house on our property, which is blessed with a lot of windows facing the woods toward our home.

I wish they faced south, but they face west, which I guess is good enough for jazz.

We were hoping to get a small greenhouse built before the first freeze, but that didn't happen. C'est la vie.

We're supposed to have 100% chance of rain today and tomorrow, with a low tonight of 63, and a low tomorrow night of 27 . . . then high twenties and up to 30 degrees for the following three nights. That's a pretty brutal first freeze for our area.

I'm leaving a lot of them in the open today behind my car, in the hopes that they get a good natural soaking before I move them to the other house, so they will be easier to water once moved. I'll likely get wet in the process, but I'll move them later today, before it gets too cold.

So blessings to you and yours, and prayers for all of our overwintered plants to come through it all healthy and unscathed.

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